Jul 3, 2010

Last of June Haul

Where has the time went? I swear it was just the beginning of June! The month was very nice for me, went on vacation to the coast, my grandmother and son had a birthday, and both of my boys finished classes....Geeze, the time goes by fast I guess when you are having fun!

So plenty of stuff in June, plenty of polishes and some stuff I bought for backups, plus some things relatively new that I wanted to try out. The nail polishes are all from random places.

Hard Candy Mr. Wrong and Envy were from Walmart, Essie Wicked from the mall (where I also bought a brilliant Dazzleglass dupe lipgloss by Santee in 06), Confetti nail polish, a new kind at CVS, Belle of the Ball and Orly Haute Red also from CVS.

I've heard mixed reviews about Hard Candy's mascaras....You don't know how many times I've visited Walmart to get my hands on 'Ginormous mascara' only to find that it is sold out or out of stock, urh! the annoyance....So I purchased the HC Curl up and Dye mascara in lieu of the Ginormous, which I will be posting a review about shortly. The Falsies Volum' mascara I do like, I'll be reviewing that as well.

The Revlon Creme blush 'Blushing Mauve' and Revlon lipgloss in 'Power Walk Pink' was from Big Lots...

ELF lashes and powder were from the grocery store....
There was an eyeshadow quad Punk Funk in my ELF online shopping cart for quite some time but found it at the grocery store alas...I love how the colors are true on the skin as they look in the quad!

Aside from other ELF quad shadows this one has good pigmentation. These swatches are with underlying UDPP....

Just one of many looks you can create with the quad.... 

Physicians Formula mineral wear is my HG of mineral compact powders and here is why...The formula is for sensitive or breakout prone skin which I don't have, nevertheless, I still like it as it smoothes out the finish of my skin and makes the foundation look airbrushed. Another plus is the SPF factor.

Dollar Tree recently had LA Colors products that were just calling my name. The products come in these little packages called Value Kits that usually contain 2 or more items. I also took home Sally Hansen line smoothing lipgloss in Pink Sapphire and face powder by LA Colors...

About the Value Kits: Everything but the lipglosses are copacetic. The quality of the lipglosses are pretty bad. The formula is way too thick, almost impossible to wear on their own. I'll be tossing these out! On the bright side, the lipliner, lipstick and eyeshadow palette colors are right on.

The Essence XXXL shine lipglosses, a new love of mine, were looking tempting each time I would frequent my grocery store so I took home Bubble Babe and Pick Me Up. I did not bother swatching Pick me up as it is too clear with very little glitters....

From the Dollar store I found some cute creme nail polishes Touch of Taupe and Chocolate Grape, both Maybelline Express Finishes and have a matching lipcolor. The lipcolors are just ok, but not really anything I'd wear, haha!


  1. I loveee this haul! Mr. Wrong is definitely going on my list, so pretty! I don't think I own anything from LA Colors, those glosses look amazing! I especially love Power Walk Pink :)

  2. Revlon cream blush for 3 bucks!? great deal. The hard candy polishes are great. I have LA colors blushes but did notknow their eyeshadows were so nice.

  3. My Dollar Tree never gets anything nice. I would love to get my hands on that LA Colors palette. Very nice haul.

  4. i love ur haul..I just recently bought punk funk too.that la colors palette looks gorgeous!!

  5. btw i bought the hip duo for $6 @ cvs they were on sale

  6. Ebru: Alot of people really like Mr. Wrong, it is very unique!

    Hell Notes for Beauty: The cream blushes I'd always see at CVS but I could never find myself to spend $8 on it...I'm glad I found it for $3!

    Vixxan: Sometimes my dollar tree can be very boring, I'll be happy to send you some things if you'd like!

    Sofia: Unfortunately the hip's aren't at my CVS...good thing though I found it at HEB!

    Jilliecat: I love Mr Wrong too!