Jul 21, 2010

Poshe: superfast drying topcoat Review

Cost $3

I bought mine from Dollar General, but you can find them at RDA stores also...Store locator found on Poshe website....Visit Poshe website for more details......

What Poshe Nail Care says about Poshe topcoat.....

"New Generation Topcoat!

Dries Manicure Completely in 5 to 6 Minutes!

Dries To The Touch in 1 Minute

Dries To The Nail in 5 Minutes

Highest Gloss Of Any Product On The Market

No Formaldehyde

No Toluene

No Nitrocellulose

Cannot turn yellow, even in tanning beds.

2 UV Inhibitors

2 U.S. Patents

Chip Resistant

Protects Nails



Ideal For Nail Art

No UV Lights or Heated Dryers Needed

A True Topcoat - Must be applied over polish or basecoat

5 Time Winner - Allure Magazine's


Does the product do what it says? Yes it does, in my opinion. The only time I have had a problem with it not drying all the way is when I used it on one of my polishes that was frankened, but all other times that I've used it, it has been successful at its drying time.

product 5 stars

packaging 5 stars

quality 5 stars

overall 5 stars

Buy again? Yes I would, at $3 a pop (only at Dollar General)! Absolutely would....under the circumstances that it is over $9 per bottle on the Poshe website which is a substantial increase in price. I have no clue what they cost at other retail outlets....So, Dollar General is pretty developed around the US, that would be my #1 store to purchase Poshe Topcoat.

Is it worth the price? Yes, Absolutely. If the Poshe topcoat was never at a reduced price, I probably would not buy it and I'd probably look into other/cheaper quality topcoat alternatives.

Pros: Super great shine! fast drying time, great price, re-wets and revives older polish on nails, easy to use, no strong fumes, found in Dollar General stores, (CHEAPER THAN SECHE VITE)

Cons: complete drying time varies between 5 minutes to 10 minutes (not always 5 min. as Poshe states)

My thoughts: I probably needed to include a pic of me wearing the topcoat but what for? it's clear and you can't really see it, haha. What I loved most about this topcoat is that it SHINES! Yes, high-shine on your nails. Have you ever applied nail polish, was so impressed with it that you go out of your way to keep it from getting scratches/dents and is super excited for them to dry completely but then you look at them later on and they aren't as shiny as when they were wet? With the Poshe topcoat, I no longer have that problem!Once you put it on shiny, it stays shiny, no if's and's or but's.

Now typically I change my nail color everyday.....I'm glad I've found a drying top coat to put on since I have such a small time frame of when I can do my nails (before I got Poshe and since I've had my baby, it was nearly impossible to do a manicure)....Now I can do my nails when I have about 20 minutes to spare....I try to do them the night before so I can wear the polish for the next day, and I repeat every night.

So if you are looking for a cheaper but quality drying topcoat, try Poshe's Topcoat

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  1. I just picked this up myself - can't wait to try it!