Jul 17, 2010

Gossip Girl inspired Nail Polish...Nicole by OPI

So, skimming thru my Target today, I ran across these....

Who is a fan of the show? If you are a fan of the show and just happen to be a nail varnish lover, these just might be a collectors must for ya....I just wanted to say that I saw the colors today and they are quite nice. Not sure if I would buy all of them, the blu-ish and grey glittery ones look very nice :)

So here are the colors - They go in the order of the picture as they are read:

Too Rich For You - Deep shimmery blue/teal

Scandals, Secrets & Sparkle - Shimmery white/silver with silver sparkle

Party In The Penthouse - Metallic blue with light blue shimmer

Nicole.. Spotted! - Blue/teal jelly base with hex holo's w various glitter
To see swatches click here


  1. I think the show is ok but the colors can use a bit more creativity. They're kind of been there done that from OPI.

  2. You're right, the only one I could really see myself getting is the teal with glitters...When I first saw the 2 dark ones they looked almost identical, lol