Jul 6, 2010

LA Colors Mineral Eyeshadow Review

Price Range: $1 -$2 each
Where to buy: Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or anywhere LA Colors cosmetics are sold.

What the product says:

"Capture the look and feel of these naturally intense Mineral Eyeshadows. Talc free & fragrance free formula, glides on like silk. Our eyeshadows will give you soft, rich & radiant eye color that last all day and blends seamlessly.
* Long-lasting, luminous colors glides on like silk.
* Fragrance free & talc free."
Product does what it says it will?

Intensity is amazing on a few colors, the only color I have tested that is not intense in pigmentation is the 'purple' shade. The eyeshadow is long-lasting and easy to blend.
Here are the shades I have, LA Colors currently has many shades to choose from...Check their website for more info here.

My Thoughts:
Oh my, great product here. What I love about these is that they are only a dollar! I was a little skeptical I might add, but my mind was quickly changed the moment I tried on the shadows. The first time I tried the eyeshadow it was because I saw a purple duo and thought the colors were nice (I love purple!)...I tried it on and didn't like it, as with most cheap purples the pigmentation was really bad, it was then that I decided to try another color and chose Graphite, which has amazing texture and pigmentation. A few weeks ago I came across the single eyeshadows and tried out the teal and black color....

The intensity is great, the teal color is a matte color as well as the black. The Graphite color is shimmery.

Eyeshadows of this quality are important to have in a general dollar store as many people who might have continued a tight budget due to the past few years of a failing economy. Nevertheless, the beauty industry is still blooming, women will always need something whether it be a lipstick or face powder or brow pencil....the dollar stores become a haven for working adults on a budget. I don't mind spending that one dollar on a great beauty product if I learn that it is worth the money, does what it says and it gives great results. I do mind spending that dollar for a product that is horrible, after all I can't return it and turns out as a waste of money, even if it is just one dollar.

Product: 5 stars
Packaging: 4 Stars
Quality: 5 stars
Overall: 5 stars
Buy again? Yes, I hope LA Colors will make more colors :)

Is it worth the price? Of course!

pros: Long-lasting, smooth, mineral based, easy to blend, intense color, packaging is nice, great price, can be found at most general dollar stores.

cons: Those pesky purple shades are too sheer/barely any pigmentation!

rate: On a scale of 1 through 10 I rate these shadows a 9.


  1. oh wow very nice color pay off. I have some LA COLORS blushes and love them Did notknow the eyeshadows were so nice though.

  2. Woah, sounds like a bargain deal for some pretty amazing colors! Of course, you always know how to show makeup off so well! Thanks for showing us how to get wonderful looking eyes on a budget.

    Katie for Ouidad

  3. Hell Notes for Beauty: I have some LA Colors palettes and they aren't very good, but these are nice!

    Ouidad Blog: Thanks!