Jun 2, 2010

May Haul Part 2

The month pretty much went by super fast! I’m counting down the days left for school and I’m eager to get the summer started! First up: I had the pleasure of sampling Bath and Body's new summer Vanillas scent Lemon....I fell hard for this scent, it is sweet and tart and smells delish, just like a lemon merengue pie :) I bought the lotion only and then went back for a backup lotion and the spray.

I wanted to split up this haul because I've been waiting eagerly for my MAC 'To the Beach' order to arrive, so instead of just showing you what I got from MAC on a separate post I'd thought I'd save half of my haul to show you along with the MAC order, when it finally does come...That's basically the driving force that is keeping me from just dashing right over to my nearest MAC store and purchasing all of the collection! knowing how pretty it is...lol...so part 2 of this haul is coming up pretty soon in a day or two...

The 2 Sally Hansen HD polishes I bought from Walgreens ‘DVD' and 'Spectrum' ....pretty cool colors, I would describe them as ultra shimmery but not glittery, I first called them a Dazzleglass polish because it is what would result if a MAC dazzleglass and nail polish got together, lol :D

The Aero makeup bags were on clearance for $4, SH Jumping Jade nail polish was from Target and I picked up a few Sinful 'pinks' from Walgreens: (left to right) Beautiful Girl, Cream Pink, and Pink.

I was organizing my drawer with alot of drugstore lippies and came across 2 CG Wetslicks glosses I forgot I bought back in April. I got Candy and Tutu. On that same day I got the CG eyeshadow trio.

The Profusion palette I was telling you about a few days ago has been winning over my heart. I just love the formula of all the shadows, most are shimmers but are lovely
I hauled these Sally Hansen Moist and Matte lip colors from the Dollar Tree because of a haul video I saw by Elena or FUNKYEYESHADOW. Let me tell you, if you can get your hands on these please try, for a dollar you won't be disappointed...These are the bomb! haha - oldschool words, but yeah! :D I got Linen, Satine, and Chiffon.
Last by not least I was looking for a great neutral palette for everyday and came across Shady Lady, which is sold at Sephora. I went over to see if I could find it in the store but they didn't have it so I opted to buy it from TheBalm.... Shipping was free and they sent me a sample as well. I love the colors! I'm excited about this palette :)

Oh yeah, my new nail polish project still a work in progress but I will show it to you once it is finished!

Everyone have a wonderful week! Please ask away if you have questions, Remember to join my nail polish giveaway if you haven’t done so already!

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  1. Nice haul can't wait to see your nail polish project looks great.