Jun 17, 2010

Vacation Haul

The coast is where I need to be...The weather is nicer, the people are nicer, and the stores are always kept stocked with my favorite makeup things. What I like most about the coast is that everyone there is so relaxed and easy-going, the people actually CARE about you...The city is kept clean for the most part, and what I've noticed is that a majority of the people there are in good shape! How is that possible with an array of delicious restaurants flooding the small city! lol While at the coast, I'm happy and stress-free, and I don't even have to be on the beach. Here is what I think of the coast in a nutshell: When I'm here in my city I'm fed garbage, while I'm in the coast, I'm fed gourmet :)

This is a list of my haulage while I was there...Most of my findings I know I may have been able to find in my own city, but in my opinion it's always better when it's something you buy while on vacation, especially in the coast :)

- Versus perfume by Versace

- Revlon lip shimmer in Golden Nectar, Biglots find for $1

-Revlon nail lacquer in Plum Seduction, Walmart. I mostly bought this color to wear to the beach one of the days I was there, I had only brought red, pink and blue nail polish from home and thought this color would look nice.

-2 OPI nail polishes from a local grocery store, 2 for $6, Fit for a Queensland and I only drink Champagne.....This grocery store rocked because they sold Spa Ritual polishes, NYX cosmetics and an entire stock of OPI colors.

-MAC nail lacquer in Rougemarie....In. Love. With. This. Color.  Is by-far the most gorgeous bloody red I have ever seen, I may get a back-up of it! :)

-LA Colors nail lacquer in Wired....by Dollar Tree :)

-Revlon Colorstay foundie in #360....Needed due to my golden tan

-2 Sallygirl eyeshadows from Sallys, Turquoise and Purple Haze which I've never seen in Sally's before?

-2 Savvy eyeshadows from Sallys clearance table, both were $1.50....Cool Mint and Blue Moon, very nice colors

-LA Colors Mineral eyeshadows, which I was super stoked about getting....I've never really seen these in my city....I got Purple, Black, and Teal (Teal is an awesome color, before I left I picked up 2 more backups of Teal) They had other colors but I wasn't interested.

-Last but not least, a Jane blush, which I found at Walmart to my surprise still carried the collection. I would have hauled more if Walmart had marked them down. This color is Blushing Blossom and it is pure love....color payoff is great

Oh, the Escada bag in the background was a free gift for purchasing the Versus....
Have a great TGIF and a wonderful weekend! Please let me know if you want swatches of anything or if you have questions!

As per readers request, I will be doing swatches of a few nail polishes...I'll post on Saturday with that :)
 here is a mini-sneak peak of my next 2 FOTDs.......



  1. I bought 4 of those LA Color shadows the other day :)

    The same ones as you as well as the gold one. How do you like them!? Maybe we can do linked reviews :)

  2. great haul.. hehe i wanna see review for them all please hehe =)

  3. Wow, great deals. 2 for $6 for OPI? I'd get a few, lol

  4. Thanks for the info on these products, even though a lot of them are not being sold here in Romania...
    Can't wait to see your take on the Telephone looks :D