Mar 3, 2012

New Sonia Kashuk Bag

The Sonia Kashuk makeup traincases have just been put up for sale in Target so I grabbed one thinking it was on clearance for 11.88 but at the register rang up at 8.58! This was a good deal especially since they were originally $18 and up and I went in search specifically looking for a new traincase. They had a good range of prints to chose from but I picked up this one since I loved the pink ribboning detail against the animal print.

I don't care too much for the big Sonia Kashuk printing on the inside but I do like the 'SK' zipper charms, it adds a classy look to the bag.

It contains 3 levels or space, the top level mostly to store brushes which comes with a neat plastic lip to cover the exposed part of the brush. Also in this level is a handy zipper pocket to store mostly anything especially something small, which I found is best. The second and third level is just a big space to put your remaining makeup...I have color in the middle organizer and face stuff in the bottom organizer.

I got it to take to work because I have found those tiny 1 zipper makeup bags just aren't cutting it...especially since I wind up taking alot of different products with me to do my makeup at work. :)


  1. I was going to purchase this yesterday! I love the pattern of it.

  2. I love the pattern too, they had a few to choose from! I use it everyday and love it :)