Jun 10, 2014

Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Floral Values by Wet n Wild

Wet N Wild (393A) Floral Values

Not impressed.

It's not typical that Wet n Wild create a bad eyeshadow palette, at least out of the past few years. All the other palettes I currently own are tremendous in quality and value (all under $5 each) and have all been put out in recent years. Gorgeous pigmentation and beautiful colors which this one seems to fall extremely short of. 

I have the Naked Truth quint which happens to be a beautiful neutral palette

...not sure why Floral Values came up short as far as pigmentation and performance.

After several attempts at Floral Values I gave up. The shadow is chalky, the colors are not strong, the colors fade, it's hard to blend and it has lots of fall out.

Rather disappointing big time, especially since the colors are pretty and the very pale/almost white pink near the top is pretty good and so is the darkest color, a rich dark eggplant purple with tiny glints of pink shimmer - actually the only 'good' shadows in the whole quint.

Here are the other quints available besides Floral Values
Art in the Streets 
I'm his Breezey 
The Naked Truth 
Tunnel Vision

In the collage below I demonstrate how chalky and unruly the pigmentation is. Left side I used eyeshadow primer and right side with a moisturizing eye primer. This was after numerous 'packing on' of the actual shadow which didn't make much difference since the color looked like it was disappearing within seconds. After a while the shadow was barely noticeable, like it just vanished into thin air.

Thank you Wet n Wild for making great affordable eyeshadow palettes but I think you should take this one back to the drawing board! :)

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