Jul 1, 2011

How to glow like a supermodel!

You asked so here it is! I love the way makeup is done on supermodels...they have this sheen or 'glow' to their cheeks, something I adore! Fortunately achieving that look is fairly simple. While I'm not certain exactly how the real supermodels do their cheeks I can definitely share with you how I achieve that glowy-sunkissed look on my cheeks.
 I am excited to share this makeup tip with you all because it's just in time for summer! Perfect for breaking out all those pretty nudes, pinks, and shimmers for the face!

#1 Concentrate on applying blush where you normally would apply the so-called 'highlighter'.

I depise when I'm told to smile and apply blush on the apples of the cheeks. While makeup is there to beautify us all we must also look at the other reason why we apply makeup: To look younger. Because of this I apply blush higher than the apples of the cheeks. Gossmakeupartist explains this quite well in his video below, check it out.

#2 Instead of using a matte blush use a blush with shimmer.

....But be careful to not use a blush with shimmer overload. Pick one that has a nice sheen and pretty shimmer. I have one too many blushes with shimmer so my choices are endless but my favorites at the moment are Neutrogena healthy skin custom glow blush/bronzer duo, MAC blush in Peachtwist, and MAC Mineralized skinfinish in So Ceylon. The shimmer creates a distinct glow on what would be the highlight area of the cheek bone for that glowy look.

#3 Brush a tiny bit of blush on the top portion of your forehead.

This step is totally optional but I love the look it creates. A few centimeters below your hairline is where sun normally hits on your forehead so I love applying a little bit of blush on this area as it gives my face this cute and beautiful glow.

#4 Last but not least, don't contour.

We are trying to achieve a glowy look, not contour our bones out like in drag LOL but seriously just for this Glow like a Supermodel look, don't contour your cheeks....save the contouring for another day!

Pic examples below.....

If you love to apply 'highlighter' just by habit go ahead and do so but apply it with a light hand so that you do not cover your blusher.

Have a great summer!!

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