Nov 5, 2010

A Great Time Shopping

What is it with me and my hauls? I won't pretend that I hardly noticed the long absence I take blame for (sorry!) but for your enjoyment here is one of my latest hauls!

So I heard a few good things about the new lipglosses by NYC, comparable to Urban Decay Ultraglide glosses. At first I bought Plaza Punch (a favorite of mine) and went and bought 2 more (big mistake). While Plaza Punch has alot more 'color' the other 2 I have aren't as pigmented...instead give off sheer color but nice shine.
Mulberry St. Mocha
Plaza Punch (favorite!)
Big Apple Red
and a new lipgloss I really like is Lippin' Large in Pink Champagne

Found some Loreal on-the-loose shadows! Only 1 color at Dollar Tree...but I grabbed it, anyway I don't have this color!
Airy Azure - A light shimmering turquoise (sort of reminds me of the Tiffany color)

Another new favorite is the Plexi Gloss by Hard Candy, found at Walmart stores
Mauve - Alous

"Hi, I'm Erica and I'm addicted to Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks."

('Sandalwood Beige and Mauvy Night')

...and it doesn't quite help when there are sales all around me, for example, my local grocery store has them for $2 right now!!!!!!!!!!
Yikes, I better make more room in my lipstick box :D

'Toast of New York'

'Kiss me Coral' and 'Ginger Rose'

'Peach Me'

'Berry Haute'

The collection by MAC called Venomous Villians was a big hit and I only took home 1 item, which was a lipstick, you know me!
'Innocence Beware! is not too light and not at all bright, but instead gives a soft bare pink color on the lips, since it is a creamsheen the lipstick has lots of shine...

MAC-Innocence Beware!, Revlon-Peach me, Ginger Rose, Sandalwood Beige, Berry Haute, Kiss me Coral, Toast of New York, and Mauvy Night...

It came finally! I've been dying to play around with the colors and actually use it for work, can't wait! I'm the proud owner of a...
Urban Decay 'Naked' Palette

comes with a tiny little eyeshadow primer called UDPP

(colors: Virgin, Sin, Naked...)

12 shadows in all, for $44 dollars and it also comes with Zero and Whisky - the 24/7 glide on liners by Urban Decay....
....Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked....

...Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted....

...Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal.

For halloween I decided to design something cute on each finger but I didn't have a good orange polish so I picked up this color at Sallys

Japanese Koi

All the other polishes came from all over...
Touch of Mink

Van D'go (a very nice color)

Galaxy Girl (still not sure about this color, it may go back)

Meet for Drinks (the pic doesn't do this polish much justice, this is a really nice purple burgundy color with tiny sparkles)

Moonstruck (not sure if I included this color in my last haul, lol)

Stellare Notte (same for this one! haha)

Arcadia Aqua (this is some strange brand I found, but the color is really nice!)

Last but not least, my newest addition is a nail polish by NARS called Pokerface...

So, here are the halloween nails I mentioned earlier but I'm missing one?

One thing that I love collecting (other than makeup!) are movies. I try to at least find my all-time favorites or classics....pretty much anything made in the 80's make the top of my list...Here are some I've bought recently...

(super old-school 80's!)

Honestly, this is the original Avatar...

Love it!

One of my favorites

 Some more pens to add to my little collection...

A gift for myself
Something very important is going on with me at the moment and to reward myself for my hard work I decided to buy this cute Coach wristlet in purple...I will let you all know how I am doing with my change, if you don't know already! haha

Good Night my friends,

Erica, LaliAmora


  1. Great haul. Ferngully hehe. Hey she looks like an animated version of Katy Perry w the California Girls look.

    I still can't get a hold of a NAKED palette. Always sold out ugh.

  2. I sooo want that NAKED palette! Ahhhh I've missed out so much on my beauty blogging reading hehe, I miss my obsession for MU xP

  3. ahhhhh lots of stuf!!! =))) Enjoy your haul!
    \Rinz @

  4. I want that NAKED Palette..I too am addicted to revlon super lustrous lipsticks!!

  5. at Katy Perry reference :D I've tried to buy another Naked but can't locate one :(
    @Camy...thank you, I love hauling :)
    @Thalia...awww...I'm hosting a giveaway soon!, have a good one!
    @Sofia...when and if I find one I'll let you know :) Yes the RSLL are addicting :D