Oct 14, 2008

Must have! Pink Sugar Perfume

I went to ULTA and was just browsing thru the perfumes when I came across this perfume by Aquolina called Pink Sugar. It smells yummy! I was in a sweet mood that day, but it was a little too expensive for my budget, so I plan on getting it after halloween. I already did the wear-it-all- day-to-capture-the-scent test, and it passed! A few hours in & it still had that lovely sweet scent. It has a sweet aroma of strawberries, cotton candy, with a hint of vanilla and musk...Yummy!

The collection in this scent includes 2 choices of ounce per bottle, solid version, lotion, body mist, deodorant, body mousse, body scrub, hair perfume, and shower gel or mousse.


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