Sep 18, 2009

My thoughts: ELF Eye-Transformer Review

Small ELF haulAfter seeing a wonderful review of the ELF eye Transformer on Janice's blog (Seek for Beauty) I decided to buy it just to see it for myself. See her review here if you'd like.

I also bought a concealer brush because I had been wanting a sturdy brush that I could use for my paintpots and or applying pigments alone or foiled. Let's start with the brush...

I must say it is a very soft, sturdy brush....perfect for applying paintpots, foiled pigment or emollient based makeup. Personally, I prefer to apply concealer with my ring finger, so I probably wont be using as a concealer brush very often. This one is great and was only $3.

The ELF eye Transformer
This is just going to be a very brief review...
Comes with a tiny little shader brush...

Obviously it has 4 main colors, all look a bit irridescent, frosty: Greenish, bronzy-peach, Pink, and a blue-purple. The palette is called Pastel Illusions.

ELF says you can use this on top of or in combination with any of your eyeshadows to create a different color...or you can mix and match or wear these alone on the lids....

I did swatches on my arm, by themselves...

and then swatches of my MAC paintpot Blackground as a base to see the transformation...

Here are the results....Sorry if the pic looks washed out. The outcome was bright but not too vibrant.

I tried out other colors as a base (or under color) to see results using the eye transformer, here are my findings:
When used with......
Matte dark brown....Slight change almost none at all, and that's after I packed it on.

Dark Pink....Slight change.

Light Pink....almost no change.

Green....medium change, I used with a stop light green shade. change, blue still looked the same.

Gray....medium change, I used MAC e/s Print.

Taupe....Slight change.

Works best with these eyeshadow finishes:
Satin w/minimal shimmers

Worked horribly on:

I paid $3 for the eye transfomer at

That's it, talk to you all later!


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