Oct 4, 2010

Those who wait.....

....Could of had the Wet n Wild Color icon eyeshadow palettes for $1.99 each this past weekend!

Over the weekend I had just stopped into my local Walgreens for something to drink after going to my brother in law's great birthday party. I had no idea what would be in store for me :) Found out that those pretty Color icon eyeshadow palettes were on sale for $1.99 each so I grabbed all the colors except the 'Greed' one (didn't like nor want Greed) What an amazing deal!!!

As for the rest of my haul, ah, a little of this and that. I went back to my regular MAC foundation but I'm now in between colors NC40 and NC37, the NC40 is a tad bit too yellow for me and the NC37 is nice but is slightly lighter than my regular skincolor, so I'm sticking with the NC37 at least until summer. I do tend to get lighter in the winter months....I've managed to darken it a little with a bronzer....I'm not into bronzers much so if anyone rec's a good bronzer please let me know which one to try :)

I've been looking for this Color Club Electro Candy collection for months now and finally found it at Ross. I also picked up the Borghese nail color you see there in Stellare Notte for $1 and the massive eyeshadow palette you see there in the middle is by Profusion and was $5.99. I have about 3 Profusion palettes, they are really nice....This one here is the shimmer palette. True Match powder (natural buff) was from CVS. I finally got the Ginormous Lash from Hard Candy.

I've gotten 2 more Sinful polishes-top to bottom (Secret Admirer and Hot Spot)
A limited edition Maybelline palette in Best in Brown (very nice)
A new Confetti nail polish Moonstruck - which bares a strong resemblance to Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic and Rimmel's Steel Gray.

I also picked up some cute feather lashes at Walgreens. At Walmart a few weeks ago I picked up a Lash Stiletto and liner collection pack for $6, and the LA Colors palette (supernatural) is from Dollar General. 


  1. ahhhhh i want some of thoseeeeee!! Enjoy your goodies! =)))
    Rinz @ miss-rinrin.blogspot.com

  2. Verrrry nice haul! :) Enjoy them!!