Jun 13, 2011

Turning ugly polish colors into pretty ones!

I've been wanting to share this with the rest of the world for the longest time just in case anyone else was in a similar situation...And when I say situation, I'm saying the situation where you think you own the world's ugliest nail polish!

 I think I own one of the world's ugliest, haha....no offense Essie but 'Big Bag Theory' is atrocious (as well as it's name!).

I have no idea what prompted me to buy such an ugly color. Nevertheless I clearly was not thinking or may have just liked it at the time! But I think it's safe to say that even the most ugliest nail lacquers can be saved with a quick fix. I've only had to do this the once and hopefully it will be my last, but just in case you wanted to get an idea of how to turn those ugly colors in gorgeous ones, read on!

So, Big Bag Theory is a yellow-toned reddish rust color with a touch of brown, unfortunately that seems to bring out the very worst of my skintone and color. In the pictures it looks like a red but don't let the pictures fool you! ...please excuse my dry skin and cuticles :)

Decide on a color scheme:

I decided to make it into a light pink. Because nail polish is super pigmented, especially this color, I started emptying about 3/4 of the nail polish (all that was left was about 1/4 of the bottle).

Add in your first color:

I added in Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud....I added to match up the color in my new bottle so now the bottle was half full. The first additions are always just to test it out. I shook the bottle to see the result. It wasn't quite what I wanted so I added more of a different color.

Remember to shake bottle very well:

I wanted more of a muted pink so I wanted to add in some beige to see what it would do, I used Sally Hansen's Iced Coffee. I added in about 1/4, after shaking and mixing the bottle was 3/4 full.

Keep adding in colors to see what results, stop when you have achieved the color you want!
Last but not least I wanted to lighten it up so I added in some plain white. I used Sally Hansen's White On, and added in the remainder to complete a full bottle.

Lots of shaking and mixing!

(Leave a comment to name my new creation! Give me your ideas!)

It came out just as I wanted, I was trying to make a muted-light pink. I tried to stay clear of making colors that looked too similar to what I already own. Overall the other pinks I have are way different than this frankened one today. I am glad for that! So, see you later Big Bag Theory, you will NOT be missed :) 

Have you ever frankened your own nail polish color? Let me know!
I need a new name for my new frankened polish, please comment in this post and give me your ideas! 

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  1. wow what an awesome idea! totally get what you mean, you THINK you like a color, then you get it home and it's GROSS. I loved mixing nail polishes together when I was a kid to make new colors =) great post!