Aug 16, 2013

Flower Beauty Lipsticks

Am I late or what?

I've been meaning to write a review about the cute and beautiful and new cosmetic line created by the lovely Drew Barrymore but just never got around to it! This is what happens when you have a house, husband, and 4 arguing children to referee during free time :)

Ok, so for now I have 2 Kiss stick Velvet lip colors in So Gladiola and Tender Tuberose. All the names of her items reference flowers which is nice. 

These lipsticks have a creamy and semi matte finish and are scented with grape seed oil. The packaging is nice, a little on the bulky side but cute.

 Retails for $6.98 and can only be bought at participating Walmart stores.

Tender Tuberose (top) and So Gladiola (bottom) swatches

I love the way the colors are shown on the bottom of the lipsticks, individuality is so awesome!

If you own any Flower Beauty items, which are your favorites I'd love to try other products in the line so give me your recommendations!