Nov 22, 2013

Super Slim Infallible black eyeliner and comparisons

I'm one of those gals that really loves a great black eyeliner. A smooth liquid eyeliner that lasts all day, sort of like a tattoo! - I'm not that brave to jump on the tattoo bandwagon just yet, but for beauty, eh, maybe :) I'm here to discuss the L'Oreal Infallible liquid eyeliner called The Super Slim. You can find this eyeliner pen in almost any drugstore and retails for about $8.95. The sleek black pen offers a great thin line, or thick line whichever you prefer...With alot of patience and practice you can keep it as thin or thick as you like with a felt tip applicator like this one. 

Here I demonstrate how I've applied a line using the pen. I kinda like it. I'm not a huge fan of pens because I find they are not fluid enough - and I mean the flow level...but then again some pens are pretty good. Also felt tip liquid eyeliners, in my opinion, are a risk for being a dry out sooner, but not all are created equal. I took the time to compare other liquid eyeliners in my stash for simple color comparisons. 
  • The Super Slim Infallible
  • Maybelline Line Stiletto (one of my faves)
  • Wet n Wild Mega Liner
  • Essense liquid eyeliner
But before I dive into the comparisons I must explain the problem I have with The Super Slim. First of all, it's not very fluid. I don't like the way I complete half of the eye and then have to tip the pen for more fluid before I complete the 2nd half of the eye. Of course with similar pens you might encounter that situation but I think only as time goes. With this pen I saw a decrease in flow like the 3rd or 4th time using. The felt tip in my opinion is just too dry. Another problem I have is wear. My line does not last near the ends, so for example the line bleeds near the 'wing' area (outer eye) and bleeds towards the tear duct area. It's so funny because I had the same problem with the YSL Shocking faux cils...

($34) The line would look great but after an hour would melt away and bleed. It's not nice to be out and about with black smudges in the tear duct area. Same problem I had with the Super Slim. Packaging almost looks identical too.

Ok, as for the bad fluid flow and lines that smudge and bleed - Line Stiletto doesn't have this problem. Super Slim and Line Stiletto own the same type of felt tip - Super Slim just might be a tad bit skinnier than Line Stiletto. Honestly, I just really love the Line Stiletto - It's fluid, I can use it over and over again without it drying out on me, and it lasts on the eyelids very well. The last time I needed to buy a replacement was well over 4 months ago and I still have plenty left in the tube.

Essence liquid eyeliner is just one of those great, really cheap eyeliners that you can throw in your purse for on-the-go. The felt tip is fatter than regular felt tips but it is quick to apply (fool proof), fluid, and the color is pretty dark. The Mega Liner by Wet n Wild is a favorite of mine when I need a matte line. The formula cracks a bit if you apply too much (like a second coat) but I love the way the little brush is so thin and the color is dark and matte. Honestly, each liner has its advantages and disadvantages. Essence is too fluid, the felt tip is too fat, and since the handle is sort of small it's hard to handle with my already fat fingers. Mega Liner tends to be too dry and sometimes cracks when I apply a hard line with a 2nd coat - but the matte color and lasting quality is amazing. Line Stiletto's color is too shiny in my opinion, I really like semi-matte or pure matte black, I'm still looking for a way to tone down the shine on the Line Stiletto - but overall is my favorite of them all.

Swatches below are as follows: Top to Bottom - Essence, Mega Liner, Line Stiletto, and Super Slim.

Disclosure: Some items were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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