Aug 30, 2015

MTV VMA 2015 Spotted Trends: Hair and Makeup

What a night! Miley Cyrus as host. Justin Bieber cries. Kayne gives a long speech. But, I thought it turned out good, better than I thought otherwise!

Now lets talk about the real reason why we love watching famous people on live TV - Hair and Makeup. Ok just me? haha. What is trending? What looks really hot? What doesn't look good at all? I love to see how it evolves. The good, the bad...the please-don't-ever-do-this-look-ever-again look. But one thing seems to stay the same - We like to keep it simple and classy.

So drumroll! The 2 hottest trends spotted this time around are:

Heavy smoldered black top lid eyeliner cat-eye with nude lips 
Slick back shiny hair, like she just came in from a swim. 

I just wanted to add that in the picture below, Taylor Swift has a side bang going on for the red carpet but is changed to the slick back do sometime before her handing over the Video Vanguard award to Kayne. Kim Kardashian had the same slick back hairdo as the camera spy shot on her during the show! And her baby bump is so adorbs!

 :) Here are just a few damsels, comment your favorites!

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