Nov 6, 2008

My Review of Candy Shop Lip Tins

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Got a sweet tooth? With double the amount of gloss you can enjoy the candy without the cavity! A modern twist to an old favorite, the unique ultra durable sliding lip tin holds your favorite lip gloss in 7 deliciously juicy flavors to choose from.

Smells salty

By laliamora from san antonio, tx on 11/6/2008

1out of 5

Pros: Glossy Finish, Convenient Container

Cons: Stinky, Bad Tasting, Not True To Color, Clumpy Application

Describe Yourself: Trendy Style

This gloss smells salty/sweaty (yes, I said sweaty!) somewhat like hands that haven't been washed for a while. Totally gross. The one I have is Berry pop. Ok, the stench isn't a good thing since it's suppose to smell fruity, fresh and clean. Eww, just thinking about it gets me grossed out. Will never buy again.


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