Nov 20, 2008

Journal Entry

I've done some damage to my wallet. Uh-oh. but I'll be okay. I did some shopping on the internet this month. I'm super excited about all the goodies I should be receiving in the next few days. And of course I will have to take pics of swatches and make a youtube vid about it.
3 wonderful places to shop, 3 different packages all for me!

48 e/s Palette
The original CS 48 E/S palette! I may be the last girl on the planet to get one but who cares, at least I'm getting one! finally dammit!
Love it! I would have bought it from Coastal Scents but they were "sold out".... But it doesn't really matter because I got this one for about 8 dollars cheaper than Coastal Scents... but I guess that's the price you pay for the waiting time. I'll be expecting this sometime in early December since it is shipped from far,far away. If you want one visit bunbuncity in, I'll post a link below this message.

Moving on, another order I placed is from 'the She Space'. I'll be getting like 15 piggies? (pic at the top is what the piggies look like). No wait, make that like 8 piggies and some other stuff, anywho, I'll end up showing you :D......Oh! by the way, view these colorful piggies in my other blog post, I believe can be found on the right side archive.... received those samples and loved them so much I ordered full sz jars, which was a good idea since at that time the owner Heather had most of her products on the website on sale for the anniversary. Yay! So I bought them for like $3.45 or something like that, I really can't remember. I'll post the She Space website at the end of this message too.

Cinema Secrets and La Femme

And last, but not least...I'm so excited because I finally ordered from the website Makeup Mania a.k.a 'Graftobian'. I'll post that link too. I ordered a few piggies by Cinema Secrets, blush by La Femme, and a translucent powder for mattifying. My whole 'Combination oil skin' fiasco is ridiculous. I'm trying out the products and I intend on giving reviews. This website has numerous beauty products for your needs. I've noticed MM is mostly makeup for theatrical purposes. Like gory face kits, wigs and things of that nature. The rest of the website is full of beauty products for our beautiful faces :P I'll be expecting this package sometime by the end of the month, but probably longer since Thanksgiving is coming up. I'll have this haul to show you and most def will make a video of to post in my youtube channel.

Have a gorgeous day!

I posted the link this way because the MM website is easier to navigate if you go to the A thru Z page, which url I provided for you.

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