Dec 24, 2008

Santee eyeshadow palettes!

I love these! I was really bored today but was very grateful because my holiday vacation started today, yay! So me and the kiddos decided to browse in the dollar store today and I came across these e/s palettes. I thought to myself 'eh, for a dollar, why not..', yeah and thinking that the colors will totally suck, but unbelievably....they did not. These color payoffs are great! (and only a Dollar, heehee:D) The e/s itself is mineralized, and they have the same texture and pigmentation as CS 88 shimmer palettes.
Just gorgeous, I realized also that they are not made in China but instead in Puerto Rico. The company is in the US.
Look how beautiful the colors are! Yep, they are highly pigmented and just wonderful: I think the palette on the left is more of a pink and mauve and burgundy palette and the one at right is more of a neutral and golds palette.
I'll be going back tomorrow to get more! :) I"ll do swatches soon :D
Moving on to MAC news, the new Dame Edna collection is available online today. I'm not sure if it is selling in stores, but I will check up on that the day after christmas. My adorable hubby bought me a few from the collection (I love him!), so I'm naturally excited to receive them in the mail in a few days....will do a vid and swatches once they arrive :)
Merry Christmas everyone!

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