Aug 31, 2009

Electric Eel Eyes EOTD

Hi everyone! By now you're probably wondering why I've gone like EOTD crazy over the past weekend...Well my left eye has pink eye! Gah! I'm always super careful being a germaphobe about touching my eyes except when I've just washed my hands and evidently it crept up on me. So, for the past 3 days I've been makeup-free and nothing to do. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! So, here is a really easy Electric Eel eye that I did, I love the colors, I'm thinking about wearing this as soon as my other eye gets better, Enjoy!

Here's what I used:
NYX Milk
MAC Delft PPot
MAC Electric Eel e/s
MAC Lavender Sky e/s
MAC Gesso e/s
MAC Contrast e/s
MAC Vanilla e/s
Optional: Lightly pat on eyeshadow 'Peace' by Urban Decay on top of Electric Eel for a little sheen.


  1. Very pretty....those colors look really nice together

  2. u are super talented at ur blending!!

  3. This is simply gorgeous, love the colour combos and blending skills! Your eyebrows are sick!

  4. I love this color combo together.

    Purple is one of my fave colors so that's why I love it so much!


  5. hi Erica! so nice to meet you too!

    and wow! i love this look! so nicely blended! you're talented! definitely following you!