Aug 31, 2009

Style Black by MAC

I'm super excited about this collection, I better start saving up for it because, no kidding, I think I'm going to end up getting everything! haha

Mattene Lipstick:
Midnight Media (dense matte black)
Night Violet (deep purple grape)
Black Knight (creamy true black)
Bling Black (sheer black w/ gold pearl)
Blackfire (sheer black w/ pink purple pearl)
Blackware (creamy true black)
Mineralized eyeshadows:
Cinderfella (black w/ silver pearl)
Young Punk (black w/ pink purple pearl)
Gilt by Association (black with gold bronze pearl)
Blue Flame (black with blue pearl)
Intense Black (black base with purple shimmer)
Nail Lacquer:
Nocturnelle (cream true black)
Seriously Hip (black w/ gold particle pearl)
Baby Goth Girl (black with pink and purple pearl)
Other items:
Penultimate liner in Rapidblack, Eye Kohl in Smolder, brush #214, Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask, Cream Colour bases in Black & Batblack.

Click here to visit Specktra to view a few swatches.


  1. wow...cant wait!! yah..i think we have to start closeing our porket until those goodies come out:)

  2. I'm anxious as well! lol
    I just want an eyeshadow, but gosh I don't know if I'll miss out. =/

  3. wow, this collection is off the hook. I better start saving too..Thanx for sharing

  4. love it! Im not too sure about the black lipstick..but the rest is a must have for me.