Oct 23, 2009

Suggestions for Tomato Red nail lacquer?

Since there's not much help on Twitter (I asked on Twitter -all I could hear were the night time crickets....) I wanted to ask all of you if you could suggest a very pretty Creme Tomato Red nail polish....I'm trying my best to locate one. I would appreciate it!
For some reason, all this month I've been on a red kick (like Pink!) and
I'm in search of a tomato red nail polish. This sort of color is a bright red that almost looks orange, but is not neon.
I appreciate it! let me know ok? Also, it can be any brand, it doesn't matter :)
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. How about Spicy Date from Dazzle Dry? Heres a swatch: http://nanisnails.blogspot.com/2009/09/dazzle-dry-quick-dry-nail-system-review.html

    Im not sure If that is the color?

  2. whats your twitter name so i can follow you? I would of responded!! :D

    Sephora has one called high maintenance! the description reads: bright orange red. It looks tomato red!! :)

    heres a link and scroll down until you see that name:

    hope this helped!

  3. All by OPI:
    -A Oui Bit of Red
    -Bullish on OPI
    -Big Apple Red
    -The Thrill of Brazil

    The first two are true tomato reds, almost being more orange than red. The last two are more true red, but definitely have more of an orange undertone as opposed to blue. The first polish was a limited edition with last year's French Collection. The second polish is limited edition with the current Espana Collection, and the last two are part of their permanent line.

  4. Omgosh, thank you so much for all your suggestions, I need to check em out

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  6. Just found this post on a google search for "tomato red"! I love them too.

    MAC's Kid Orange (now d/c but try ebay) is great. It's very bright. I also love Nars Dovima and Barry M's Bright Red - both very much true reds but firmly on the tomato side. Yay!