Dec 3, 2009

Zoya, MAC, Bonne Bell Haul!

Hey girlies! Long time no see, but excited because I finally was able to pick up a few lipglosses in my spare time. I'm really enjoying this cold weather, what a favorite pastime of mine is to shop when its cold + cold weather = LUV :)

Sally Hansen lip products are really starting make a scene in my makeup bag. Right up until just last week I never really gave SH much thought, even when I've passed by it so many times in CVS. So I bought the Miracle lip saver and Mineral lipgloss and love them! I just wished SH made more of a color selection. I'll post swatches at the very bottom for you to see.
2 color technology, the middle is the color core treatment, clear is the moisture lock treatment

Citrine is a pretty nude peach color with pink reflects in it, very pretty :)
my Zoya shipment came just in time for Thanksgiving!


A few weeks ago Zoya had a giveaway of 3 Hot Lips lip gloss balms, color was my choice and of course I took advantage! I just paid for shipping...

I was super excited when I saw the colors, they are amazing quality! I'm ordering more now, Thank you Zoya!
'Minx' happens to be my favorite color from this collection.

The gorgeous Robin Meade has the prettiest color on her lips whenever I see her on HL news. I will have to make the time to go to Saks or Nordies to try and find a dupe for her lippie, it's so pretty! Or I may just try to contact her and ask her what the color is : /??? but in the meantime I found something close to it.....It's the MAC lippie in Ravishing.In the pic it may look bright & scary but believe me, it's a gorgeous creamy peach color :)

MAC lipstick Ravishing (creamsheen)

How many of these Revlon 'super lustrous' lippies will I collect before the year is over? probably about 20, lol The funny thing is that I seem to find all the pretty nude shades at the Biglots. I got 'Just Enough Buff' yesterday, it's so pretty. :)
Another great buy from Biglots, a pretty package of Bonne Bell liplites with a sheer tint balm. Liplites are my fave!
I like this package because it cost me $2.50, Liplites by themselves cost about $2.25 to $4 each depending, so this is a great deal since I'm getting 2 liplites and a lipbalm. Since the swatch is mostly a clear sheen, here is the pic of the balm... I took this pic to show the actual reflects in the gloss, I'm not sure if you can see it but it's pretty!

I tried Ulta's Super Glossy lipgloss the other day and hated it :( Some people like it but I hated the smell, maybe it's just because I'm pregnant, but the smell was too flowery. I like my lipgloss to smell fruity or creamy or like nothing at all. So I quickly took them back and got this instead...
Urban Decays pocket rocket gloss in Doug.
Smells amazing! To me, it smells like peanut brittle, which I love :) the color is a sheer bright pink tint w/ pink, white & silver glitters.

Oh! and my friend recommended this natural wear mineral powder by Wet n Wild and I was at first skeptical but tried it anyway. And some surprise I actually like it! I use it with my MAC Kabuki #182. It leaves a very nice finish, coverage is med to full & buildable.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more Christmas time haulage, haha :)

MAC lipstick Ravishing


  1. great haul...u and I are lippie haulers!!! I saw that liplites package at big lots and didnt pick it up but now I will..the swatches look great its weird how I have to see swatches in order to buy them!! Thanx to u I love liplites..they smell so yummy :D

  2. GREAT lippie haul! I have just enough buff by revlon and love it! That sally hansen line smoothing lip color is gorgeous!

  3. oh so many lippies :) love this haul !!

    ravishing is of my wishlist of lipsticks!

  4. I so love your great choices of lippies! They all have really nice color, but aren't too flashy. And that MAC lipstick in Ravishing and Bonnebelle's Cherry Truffle to-die-for!
    hope you come back soon, you are gorgeous!*_*!