Dec 15, 2009

My thoughts on the EOS Lip Sphere

EOS lip balm

Found at Walgreens, (Rite-aid?). Currently on sale at Website:
I bought mine at Walgreens; It came in this 3 pack holiday pack for $9.99.

What they say it is/does:
"95% organic, 100% natural.To keep your lips looking and feeling healthy, we created this 95% organic, 100% natural lip balm that's petrolatum & paraben free, just like you."

" Long lasting moisture

Shea butter & vitamin E

Smoothes on clear

New smooth sphere precisely glides on to lips

Twist-off top


Phthalate-free "

"Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth."

So here is my review on the EOS lip balm:
product: 1 stars out of 5
packaging: 4 stars out of 5
quality: 1 stars out of 5
overall : 2 stars out of 5
would buy again? No

pros: Very cute clever packaging, smell is pleasant-not too strong, does not feel waxy, is somewhat affordable, comes in a few scents, easy to take along in purse.

cons: dries up too quickly, doesn't moisturize all the way, smell could be more prominent, has no flavor, has no color, not found in a variety of places/stores, comes in very few scents (some may like more of a variety of scents).

Here is what I thought:

What can I say? When I first came across EOS, I had no idea of how to try it out. I know I've never seen it at any store in my city. I first heard about it as one of my followers on Twitter mentioned it. After unsuccessfully trying to locate it online somewhere (they now have a website, but before they didn't) I found it on Amazon, was too scared to spend the money to try out a product I was not familiar with, so I just left it in my shopping cart. Well just this past week I found it at my local walgreens. I found that it was a good opportunity to try it since I had waited all this time to. Even better I had all 3 scents to try out.

My first reaction to the balm was that it barely had any smell to it. It has a very very light scent, not something I was expecting. I have numerous other chapsticks and lip balms that have a medium scent to it whether it be vanilla, cherry, etc. So this scent to me was very vague. too light to recognize is a way to put it.

This lip balm tends to dry out my lips slightly after applying it so that was also very weird. The only scent I tested was the summer fruit one. The other 2 scents, which are honeysuckle-honeydew and sweet mint, each have the same scent, which you would think is not possible since honey dew is a fruit and mint is MINT, haha. There is no flavor at all nor is it colored with any kind of pigment, it is clear with all 3 of the scents I tried.

The lasting power of the balm: I'd say it stayed on 10 min but not more than 1 hr. like I said, I put it on and it seemed to make my lips more dry. I applied it on my lips and after an hour I had to apply more. This seemed to be my only option to keeping my lips somewhat moisturized. After a few hours I felt like it did nothing for my lips. This lip balm did not moisturize my lips nor make them soft/supple. After trying it out for 2 days I can honestly say it did nothing for my lips, spot treatment wise nor long-term. A balm is suppose to be comforting, this lip balm wasn't.

On a scale of one to ten I'd rate this balm a 1 and half. There is not anything special about this balm other than it's neat sphere packaging. I was really disappointed with this balm which is why I've come to appreciate my many other BETTER lip balms that I currently own like my wonderful Carmex, MAC TLC, Burt's Bee's, CVS brand Chapblock in Cherry, Nivea, & FruitSmackers lip balms.

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  1. Ew, And how would you actually get to the very bottom of the thing? It does look like its a twist up.... strange stuff here