Apr 8, 2010

Color Club sale, CCO and other haul

Hi ladies! Please excuse my delay in posting any FOTD's or EOTD's......It's all due to my busy schedule....Moving my kids to a different school, shuffling around stuff in my home, I can barely walk any more and my husband has been sick :(  I couldn't leave you all bored to tears with my blog so instead I thought I'd show you a few things I got!

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was in need of a CCO haul...yes long overdue, lol! Indeed it was a good trip at a good time since they were overloaded with stuff.....Alot of holiday stuff, alot of beauty powders and alot of pigments, alot of quads, etc...I wasn't really interested in lip stuff but I did pick out a few things without going overboard, even though I could of, it was really hard not to!

I've decided to start collecting pigments in their original jars, this should be interesting, haha
I got Pink Bronze and Spiritualize....
The Estee Lauder makeup is called Individualist in 04, which is the perfect shade....it is meant to be light and sheer but still cover up any flaws.

After my little trip to the CCO I stopped by ROSS stores because I wanted to search the place for some Color Club nail polishes thanks to a tip from a pal from Flickr, Mariana. She had a tip that some Color Club nail polishes made their way to Ross, so here I go to Ross trying to see what I can find overall ended up with a good bargain....
Rebel Debutante and Pardon my French
Both were 6.99 each

The only thing I dont like about this set is that the names aren't on the individual bottles just on the box: /
so I have to go and label each one when I find the time.

On a recent trip to Sally's I wanted to take advantage of my soon to expire Sally's card but was told it was still good until the end of the month! Which I didn't know....yay for me! I wanted to look for a bright green shimmered nail polish but only found Tree Hugger by China Glaze....I decided to buy it and try it.....I wore it and really like it.... It is the perfect light green shade, more on the muted side, but still nice. I got Hot Pink nail lacquer by Femme Couture, brush-on nail glue and some fake nails....Here's the story on the fake nails.....Since I've decided to grow my nails I've been experiencing 1 or 2 breaks per week, I got tired of the different lengths so now everytime I break a nail I cover it up with a fake one..... To me, it doesn't look right with all my nails nice and only 1 nail that is extra short so I decided to get it done this way. I care about it this much because I want to enjoy my nail polishes, but I can't if 1 or 2 nails break. Currently I have 4 fake nails on, ridiculous.

For those that love LA Colors nail polish w/hardeners, the Dollar Tree's in the US got the LA Colors Color Craze collection in stock. The collection which debuted last summer contains alot of cute colors with 'energy' themed names. I'm really loving these because they do not dry matte like most neon polishes. The color is very nice in 2 coats.
left to right: Shock, Atomic, Nuclear Energy

I got the rest of my MAC liberty of london haul....Lipstick in Peachstock and eyeshadow in Birds and Berries
I have Liberty of London fever actually, I see it almost everywhere and can't resist!

On a regular day I stopped by CVS just to see what they had and I stocked up on my usual Line Stiletto and Neutrogena spf30 lotion. They also had the entire stock of HiP duos for $5 so I got Magnetic.

Also while shopping for some Easter stuff I found a cute matte pink lippie at the dollar store.

The other day I found alot of Miley stuff at Walmart that went on clearance. I decided to get the chain earrings for $1 and some sort of odd chain necklace with a silver key on it. I decided to take the key off and place it on one of my James Avery chains.....as for the extra chains that came with the necklace, I added it to my jewelry craft box so I can use it later..

At the flea market 2 saturday's ago I found some cute glass faceted rings for $1.50, These are really nice since they are big beads and come for a great price. I should have gotten more colors, maybe next weekend! Oval earrings were off the clearance rack from Target...

And have I told you what I'm having yet? I'm not sure but here is a hint....

This cute dress,

can only be,

for a girl.....

Yes, it's a girl!

Target recently came out with Liberty of London collections, to my amazement is not just in one particular section but thru-out everywhere in the store. I saw this cute little dress and just had to have it for my baby. It is for a 3 month....It's so cute because it's tiny....the pic doesn't give it much justice, in this pic it looks as big as a floor rug but actually is about the size of a sheet of paper and half.

So cute!!


  1. Congratulations, a baby girl, yay!

  2. Halifax: thanks so much! we are excited

  3. Oooh, congratulations on the baby girl! And congratz on your haul as well. Looks so impressive :P I want those Colour Club nail polishes. Yum.

  4. Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

    You got lotsa stuff!

  5. congrats!! how exciting a girl! i love your site...how are you liking the Liberty of London stuff?! i just became a follower, check out my site!


  6. Congratulations on the baby girl! Please tell me what CCO you go to. I did not know they had those here in Texas. I live in H-town.

  7. Students guide: I'm in love with these nail polishes! I'm trying to locate the collection electro candy :)

    Niki: Thank you so much!

    Makeup Majesty: Thanks for following, I've followed your blog, yours is amazing!

    Ericka: Thank you so much! I go to the CCO located in San Marcos Texas. I believe they have a CCO close by Htown, I'll look it up for you and let you know :)

  8. Congratulations! That is fantastic news for you. That dress is very cute! I am a new follower and love your blog.

    Those MAC pigments look great, I am jealous!

    Ellie x


  9. Aww, congratulations on the baby girl! Yay!
    & what a great haul, I love the la colors!

  10. Aww, congratulations on the baby girl! Yay!
    & what a great haul, I love the la colors!

  11. Huge haul huh! nice one by the way love the accessories you got. xoxo miki ♥
    check out my blog