Mar 30, 2010

Favorite stuff for March 2010!

How are you ladies doing? So, I'm excited about Easter coming up! :P I just love spending time with family, creating baskets for my boys and eating the food, candy and sweets! Anyways, this month has really flown by....For me it was a very busy month, I moved into my new home and was overwhelmed by all the mess that resulted....On a personal note, I still can't believe how much time has gone by so fast, I'm nearly due already, I just have 5 weeks left and there is still much to be done, but I love shopping at the last minute :)

My March faves aren't much but I did pick out some of the most grabbed for items in my makeup box. Anywho, let's start already!

Avon MAX Moisture cream for night-
It leaves your skin soft and moist, but never has a great light scent and is comforting.

MAC 'Blooming Lovely' lipstick
I thought that I could have something that looked like it but I was wrong, Blooming Lovely is unique and best of all it's Amplified, love it :)

MAC Blush in 'Peachtwist'
My first ever MAC blush, I can never get tired of wearing this color, it's the only blush that is perfect for my skintone and is always super pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

Maybelline Dream matte powder
The best setting powder there is at the drugstore...I love how it looks on my skin, flawless, airbrushed, perfection :)

Maybelline Line Stiletto
I'm amazed at how much this little pen has lasted me....I bought it a few months ago and it is still fresh and black as ever :)

Essie nail polish 'Lilacism'
I was skeptical if I'd like this color but once I put it on I fell in love. The color is perfect, not too pale and not too purply, I needed 2 coats and 1 extra just to be sure, if you love Essie you'll love this color!

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