Mar 19, 2010

Forever 21 Nail polishes and March Haul #2

More polish? I better start searching ebay for one of those wall mounted 90 count nail polish organizer thingy's, lol!

MAC Hauling
It's funny because I forgot about the latest MAC collections and uh....couldn't care less, hehe. I know I ought to pay more attention to them to seek out collectables to add to my LE lipstick collection, but lately I've been MIA at Specktra, lol. Anyways, I actually stopped by the MAC store and took a look at the Give me Liberty of London collection colors....While some colors are very nice some are sort of regular, plain....

That day I only got the lipstick Blooming Lovely, a nice creamy pinkish lilac muted color (amplified) and I was regretting not getting Peachstock lipstick and the darkish greenish eyeshadow so I ordered those 2 via dot com so I'm excited to receive those later :)

Anywho, here is my latest haul, second one of March.

I was feeling a bit springy can you tell? haha!

-Santee Shape a Unique You blush in 02 and 03
These are really nice, they have a silky finish and the color is light and not too pearly. I got them at a local bargain store.
-MAC blush Coppertone
It's a matte finish, but I'm not sure if I like it : /
-MAC Blooming Lovely lipstick
-Essie NP Lilacism
-Orly Elsbeth's Rose
-SH Sunkissed
-OPI Suzi says Feng Shui
-An assortment of jewelry from F21 and the pinkish earrings my husband bought for me :)

I was also feeling a bit metallic....

Has anyone tried these love and beauty nail polishes from forever 21? I was curious to test them out so I swatched all of them and they are pretty good. I'm loving the charcoal colored one, the purply one looks a bit chunky on the nail while the blue one is a jelly-base which needed 3 coats...but overall they are really nice!

-Maybelline Bronze Beauty
-F21 blue/purple, Charcoal, Orchid
-Kleancolor Chunky Glitter

I should have mentioned this a long time ago! But if any of you gals are interested in buying Santee products please let me know....
Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice! Unfortunately, I haven't been really interested in the MAC collections lately, but maybe it's becuase I haven't seen them in person

  2. Y: I totally agree, for me, it is out of my way to get to the MAC store, I have to save it for a weekend or something and even when the weekend comes I'm too tired to drive the 30 minutes to MAC. Oh well!