Mar 26, 2010

My thoughts on Essence NP Colour and Go

I first spotted these cute bottles of color at my local Ulta and thought they were a new kind of brand, not soon enough did I realize they were a favorite overseas.....for a few years... oops :) Ok, but I admit that I wanted to find out more about the brand. I heard from very few bloggers that colour and go collection was meh...but to me, me thinking it was a new brand, haha, I actually liked the colors....At first I picked up only 1 color (Get the Fever)......but later returned to add 6 more to my collection....
I love the array of colors they offer...not only are they priced pretty good, 99 cents per bottle, but they are perfect in 2 coats, which in the world of nail lacquer addicts is good, really good :)

Def. Noteworthy.....

So, I tried out the Essence Colour and Go nail polish for the first time using Get the Fever, a rich, warm tangerine creme color....It was perfect in 2 coats and finished shiny, not streaky, and was smooth. Next, I moved on to the color What do you think? which is a creme apricot coral color which dries sort of like a orange-creamsicle color, it too was perfect in 2 coats. My final color test out was with No More Drama, a light pastel purple creme, to me resembles OPI Puerta Valarta Violeta. This color has outstanding purple hues without being too white nor too purply, it was the perfect pastel purple. Perfect in 2 coats.

So far so good......
Product: 5 stars out of 5
Packaging: 4 stars out of 5
Quality: 5 stars out of 5
Overall: 5 stars out of 5
Buy again? Yes

Pros: Fair color selection, smooth application, fast dry time, lasting quality good, fair price - 99 cents per .16 fl oz.*

*if regular bottles are usually .5 fl oz that would mean a full bottle of Essence would be about $3, which is a really good price!

Cons: only that the small bottle holds .16 fl oz, So you'll have to keep buying replacements when you run out....regular NP bottles hold .5 fl oz.

Scale of 1 to 10: I give this polish a 9!!!

If you like Essence nail polish, which is your favorite color?

:) Have a great weekend girls!!


  1. awww... really cool NP haul! can't wait to see swatches of them... =)

  2. awww how come they are so cheap?
    cant wait for swatchie!:)

  3. AnNeTtEe: I'm going to work on swatching, what a good idea :)

    Vanilla: I'm not sure why so cheap, I'm thinking because they wanted to market well in the US, since alot of things in Europe is expensive :)

  4. I just bought some of these last week & I'm really loving them. I like the size, because I rarely finish a bottle of nail polish anyway.

  5. Tammy,

    Aren't they lovely? I like the size too!

  6. I like the Essence Stamping kit I found at Ulta. I don't care much for the polish though. The bottles seem cheesy looking,but that's my opinion.

  7. Starlight: I want the stamping kit, I saw it yesterday and it's worth the $4 :)

    Yes, the bottles do look a bit cheesy, lol

  8. Erica, the stamping kit is just as good as the Konad plates. I have tried both. Actually the Essence scraper in that kit,IMHO, is better than the Konad scrapers. I also like the stamper better than the stamper I got with my Konad kit.

  9. Starlight: Yes, and even better the Essence one is cheaper! I noticed they both look the same so why pay more right?