Mar 14, 2010

Easter Nails! NOTD...

Inspired by....Easter, pastels, brightly colored eggs! The simple multi-colored tips are nice and a pleasant way to make them a bit different, unique and fun instead of the usual and boring but pretty white tips.....even those zebra or cheetah prints *yawn*.....

Anyways, these were pretty easy to do....All you need are 5 separate pastel colored nail polishes...You can use any color you want, just as long as it is obviously different from one another. Unfortunately I wasn't able to work in a nice butter yellow NP because I only have 5 fingers on each hand, lol, but I managed to make them colorful and well balanced....if that makes sense :)

You can also do a multi-colored tip but with neon colors, this is something I'll be doing as soon as it heats up in central Texas and for during the summer when we go to the beachhouse this June :) As you can tell from the color my nails are slightly different lengths...I blame this on my own natural nails are thin and fragile as filo paper in an Arizona desert so any little thing breaks them....I just do the best I can and look good in the process....

What you need -
Scotch tape
5 different colors
a clear or jelly based pink non-frosty color for the nail bed
A clear top coat NP

1. Clean and dry your nails....don't apply a base coat....I didn't but you can if you wish, I just don't have time to wait for it to dry, plus you'll be applying the tape so when you rip it off some of the clear polish might come off too....mess mess mess,- so just leave it be, your nails will be ok, don't freak out :D

2. Get a piece of clear'll cover the pink part of your nail and align it to the first part of your white natural tip - where the pink meets the white, so that once you paint over it there will be no white nail showing...

3. Apply the colors on your tips only, I used 2 coats for each nail...but use as much as you wish to obtain the opaqueness....

4. Please peel off your tape from your nail while it is still wet so that you don't rip off part of the color too!

5. Once they have dried a bit get your french color and lightly but entirely dab on the color on the pink part of your nail making sure not to touch your freshly colored tips. I did not apply the nail bed first because...well, see why on instruction #1 !

6. Wait a bit for the nail pink bed part to dry then apply the clear top coat over the entire nail....

7. Finished! Now you have fun Easter nails!

The little monkeys that made this all happen:

OPI Shorts Story
Sinful Innocent
Essence What do you Think?
Maybelline Pie in the Sky
Essence No More Drama
NYC Love Letters (for the nail bed pink part)
LA Colors clear top coat (my fave)



  1. This is so pretty and perfect for Easter. I love it! :)

  2. Thanks gals....after a while I started drawing little bunnies on them...I shouldv'e taken a pic lol!

  3. Awsome I'm going to bye fake nails like these!