Mar 22, 2010

Lush & Stuff: Things to get for my new home!

Since moving into my new home I've been dreaming of the day I can have a relaxing bubble bath.....I could not achieve one at my old home, the tub was too small....So our new luxurious bath tub needs to meet with me for an appt, ha!...I need to slip me one of those sweet smelling Bath Bombs from Lush....yes! Finally I get to shop at Lush and enjoy the products! So I've compiled a list of things I must get for my new home.....

MMM Melting Marshmellow moment

Rockstar Soap

Alkmaar Soap

Honey I washed the Kids Soap

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Honey Bun Bath Bomb

Also, if there is anything you recommend, let me know!

Oh and apothecary jar to store these in, great idea I stole from Tiffany of MakeupbyTiffanyD :) I love her!

What would I do without Aubrey of youtube's Fafinettex3 and her great ideas? Ever since I saw her Jewelry collection and storage video I can't get over the cute mirror/Armoire she had....

...this would be perfect for my jewelry madness....

and it got alot worse : /
So I'm getting the black one from I do have my jewelry organized but seriously it is in 3 different places! I would love to just have it in 1 place!

More organization I need:

Nail polish collection is getting way out of hand, so I found this seller on ebay and for $25 I'm getting a 90 ct. NP rack that you mount on the wall, this will be a great space saver....You should see my nail polishes at the moment, some are here some are there.....yeah a mess : D

Hey girls, I'm looking for a nice and cute vanity since I got rid of my old one. I'm currently using my dining table to do my makeup :(

Where have you seen some pretty ones?

I got a few ideas from, my makeup is all over the place too, lol!

On a different note, I'm getting rid of my Juicy Couture perfume, does anyone want it? I'll gladly sell it for $20, I've only sprayed it about 4 times and honestly I don't like the smell....maybe it's my pregnancy?

Let me know!
Anywho, if you want it please let me know in the comment section, remember to give me your paypal email....US buyers only since I can't ship liquids overseas....

Have a great week everyone :)


  1. i love lush products, they smell soooo good

  2. I want the mirrored jewelry organizer bad, but QVC pro doesn't ship big items like that to Canada. So sad.

  3. Hairs to Beauty: I still haven't went to Lush, haha :) Yes they do smell good, Everytime I walk into the store it's heaven :)

    Halifax: I believe you can get the same thing from ebay but I chose to buy it from QVC because my paypal got hacked into a few months ago so I don't trust ebay anymore :) Will ebay ship to canada?

  4. OMG!! u made me drool so bad... lush!! vanities!! mirror with jewelry storage!! this post is heaven.... **sigh** can u tell me how much the full length mirror is from QVC? thanks!!

  5. AnNeTtEe: I think the full length is $145, I'm so excited to buy it!