Feb 18, 2011

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks

It's finally warming up here in South Texas! Can't wait until true spring and summer come rolling around!
       Last autumn or so I had the chance to preview CoverGirl's newest lipsticks called Lip Perfection, they were going to be sold to the public only for a limited time before their actual release but I decided not to partake in this activity because I couldn’t make a wise color decision from swatches off a website. Well eventually they made their grand entrance! I finally had a chance to check them out and pick up some gorgeous colors. My most recent trip to a Wal-mart store let me at them....I picked up the colors Delish (255), Heavenly (260 ), Siren (415), Dazzle (380) and Spellbound (325).

Price Comparison:

Walmart…………… $5.74




Description of Delish: Crème, muted peach with a tad hint of rose. Mostly warm toned. No Frost or shimmer.

Description of Heavenly: True crème light pink and rose color with a touch of peach, no frost or shimmer and lots of shine.

Description of Spellbound: Hot Fuchsia, a crème reddish pinkish color. Mostly cool toned. No frost or shimmer and lots of shine.

Description of Siren: Bright pink-almost hot pink with a slight blu-ish flash and slight frost and tiny shimmers.

Description of Dazzle: Glossy, sheer pink-violet with an slight and odd duo-chrome flash.

Lip Swatches are at the very bottom of this post!

Texture: My colors in Delish, Heavenly, Spellbound and Dazzle tend to be more creamy and moisturizing. The color Siren has a frosty finish which still feels creamy but feels a bit gritty as well, something that doesn’t bother me at all.

Color: As I mentioned above some of colors are highly pigmented while some others are sheer. The color does not bleed into fine lines around lips. I have swatched a few that looked to be somewhat of a sheer and glossy finish.

Color selection: 44 shades to choose from.

Lasting Quality: The lasting quality of the semi-matte and shiny satiny lipsticks are good. I drink a lot of water during the day so transfer is unavoidable, but considering how much I drink the color still stays intact after a few hours.

Price: The price of these lipsticks are reasonable. I have found that certain drugstores, like CVS tend to hike up the price a bit. I found this line available in Walmart stores for about $2 less than what I have found in drugstores like CVS and Walgreens. Keep in mind that not all Walmart stores may carry every single color that these lipsticks come in.

Packaging: Very sleek, simple, sturdy, easy to use. The tube itself is a metal looking shiny taupe color. The tube contains a small clear half block that showcases the color of the lipstick...(more research concludes the color on the bottom of the lipstick is plastic and not 'extra' product as some may have thought)....I find this very nice, can be easily identified if stored upside-down, a plus is that the name and number of the lipstick is engraved on the bottom and is not a sticker!

Quality: The lipstick is very lightly scented-it is faint definitely not over-powering but can have a clay scent as some lipsticks do. CG LP lipsticks contain Silk Therapy Complex-which is said to improve lips and moisture in 7 days. There are at least 4 different finishes in these lipsticks: Semi-Matte, Crème, Frosted, and sheer. I have noticed some lip staining that occurred more than once when I wore certain colors. Lip staining occurred on my lips with the colors Siren and Spellbound. This is a small nuisance since I’ve had to take a few extra steps to remove the color from my lips. This new line carries a large and good variety of colors to satisfy different tastes.

Pros: Price, quality, lasting power, packaging, lip health, can be found at drugstores/Ulta/Covergirl shopping website, wide variety of colors to choose.

Cons: Some Lip staining

Compared to other lipsticks and brands that I own (totally my opinion):

Revlon Matte lipsticks- CG LP (CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipsticks) with a semi-matte finish are better in pigmentation, color selection, and lasting quality.

MAC Matte and Satin lipsticks- MAC Matte lipsticks tend to be drying to some but CG LP lipsticks hold in softness and moisture better than MAC Matte. MAC Satin finishes are better in pigmentation while CG lipsticks are better when it comes to price and texture when compared to MAC Matte.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipsticks- Some CG LP lipsticks are better in pigmentation and color selection.

NYX Round lipsticks- Some CG LP lipsticks are better in pigmentation. CG LP lipsticks are better in lasting quality and texture. NYX Round lipsticks are better in color selection and price.


  1. I love these lipsticks! I own Fairytale and Delish and they are amazing! You've picked up some gorgeous shades; I will definitely check out Heavenly and Spellbound :) Thanks for your wonderful review and swatches :)

  2. I love Delish and Heavenly! :D

  3. I just bought Temptress & Enchantress on Valentine's Day & I absolutely LOVE them! Spellbound looks AMAZING! Definitely going back to get that next time, along with Divine. =]

    xo Nicole

  4. Great post! I actually own and few and I love them too!

  5. I have four of these, including Heavenly. You have to check out Enchantress. It is so beautiful! I really like the look of Spellbound, Dazzle, and Siren. I am not sure how Delish would look on me but it is a very pretty color.

  6. i luv these swatches..awesome job :D

  7. I picked up dazzle after I saw your swatches and I love it! It's my everyday l/s.
    Thanks so much!

  8. Ebru - You are welcome! I have to check out Fairytale :)

    Jo - They are lovely :)

    SAUCY - I was very tempted to get Divine but thought I had something similar

    Monique - I've been wanting to go back and see other colors, which ones do you love?

    Chels - I will check out Enchantress, Thanks!

    Sofia - Thanks!

    contests and such - Yes the Dazzle is comforting, it is very moisturizing and light and sheer, I like it :)