Feb 9, 2011

Lip Volumizer, Avon Derma Full

By far one of the worst lip volumizing/lip plumping product. Not only is it over-priced ($15), but the packaging is pretty bad. The product is inside an aluminum squeeze tube much like one that once you squeeze or flatten that cannot be filled with product anymore. The big mistake made by Avon is that the product is too runny for this type of packaging. This sort of packaging is best for thick emollient based creams, like ointments.

First impressions: When I opened the product for the first time the product oozed out on it’s own, without much less squeezing the tube at all....even so I was afraid to even hold the product in my hand for fear that more product would ooze out. I recapped and shook the package in hopes that maybe it just had to be mixed, but got the same 'ooze'. In my opinion, just that 'self oozing' feature is a big waste, largely because for a fact you only need a dab of it to cover your lips, just it oozing out is wasteful since you cant push it back in.

The product contains traces of peppermint oil which can be smelled once it is applied. It has a watery feel and texture, once applied I felt a cooling and tingling sensation for about 5 seconds. Once it is applied it is quickly absorbed and leaves your lips somewhat soft, not moisturized.

Did the product plump up lips? No. As a matter of fact, when I think of Lip Volumizer I think of a lip plumper. If 'lip volumizing' doesn't exactly mean 'lip plumping' in Avons eyes, then what exactly was the lip volumizer suppose to do?

Did the product volumize lips? No

Did the product volumize lips for a brief period of time? No

Did the product change the overall appearance of lips at all? No

Did the product hurt from it’s stinging or tingling effect? No

Would buy again? No

pros: Avon has a great return policy

cons: Product is runny, packaging is bad, over-priced, doesn't do what it says it does

On a scale of one to ten I'd rate: 2


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  2. Y - haha, yes, I sent it back so fast and got a refund!

    Strawberry Princess - Will do, thank you for reading mine!