May 1, 2013

Favorite Sunscreen - L'Oreal Sublime Sun

Yes, my favorite! Each and every one of these bottles does it's job. Separate from all the others, unique in it's own way. Quick story, I actually had grabbed a bottle of the Liquid Silk sunshield for the face last year on an impromptu trip to the Texas coast, I did purchase the Sublime Sun specifically for the face and I knew I wanted a very high SPF (this one has 50). I was amazed by the quality, turned out to be a fabulous find. What I love about this sunscreen is that is truly does work, I was able to avoid tanning for the remainder of my beach trip.

In a nutshell the L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun sunscreen offers a variety of suncare needs. Some for the face, some for the body, some for the family. Each is designed with its own benefits...

Sublime Sun Sheer Lotion - With Anti-Oxidants and water resistant
Sublime Sun Liquid Silk/face - Ultra water resistant, doesn't clog pores and it just for the face
Sublime Sun Sheer Protect Oil - Skin Nourishing, Water resistant

This pretty awesome Sheer Protect Oil is also holy-grail material. I love the scent it gives, the protection, the way my skin glistens, it's just awesome. Complete with sunscreen and 4 different nourishing oils/butter for the skin, Argan, Grape seed, Sunflower, and Shea. I just can't get over the scent! I can't describe it, it really is not a creamy scent nor is it fruity, I guess it is a floral scent but isn't overpowering or annoying, it just smells delightful and somewhat expensive :) On a regular day I wouldn't apply the Sunscreen Oil as it is a little too oily for running errands in 100 degree weather, instead I'd spend a little time spreading on the Sheer Lotion which is fast absorbing. Whenever I am swimming I tend to reach for the Sheer Oil.

Sheer lightweight Lotion 3.0 fl. oz.
Sheer Protect Oil 5.0 fl. oz.
Liquid Silk for the face 1.7 fl. oz.

The Sheer lightweight lotion and the Liquid silk sunshield for the face in comparison. Lotion is on the left and is thick and creamy.

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