Jun 8, 2013

L'Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur: My thoughts

L'Oreal's brand Revitalift recently launched a new product that instantly targets lines, wrinkles and pore size as part of the Opti-Blur technology and over time can minimize lines, wrinkles and pore size (use for 4 weeks) as well as improve skin texture. They have created 2 types of formula, Miracle Blur with SPF and Miracle Blur without SPF that is Oil-free. Besides it working just like a foundation primer I love the ease of application as well as the seamless look it gives. Out of the 2 I would say my favorite would be with SPF, it just works better for me, not too sure why, nevertheless the Oil-free sans SPF one does a great job of blurring as well.
Nice packaging and an easy squeeze tube.
Buy at any drugstore, prices range from $19.97 to $24.99. CVS (24.99 USD), Walgreens (19.99 USD), Target (unknown), Walmart (19.97 USD)
Contains 1.18 fl. oz. each
Contains Opti-Blur technology
Broad Spectrum SPF 30
Packaging reads: "Innovative skin transforming texture blends in seamlessly to create a perfectly smooth surface. Opti-Blur technology diffuses light on skin for a soft focus blurring effect. In an instant visibly erases lines, wrinkles, and reduces pore size, and in 4 weeks wrinkles, lines, and pore size appear minimized. Skin texture appears smoother."


Miracle Blur swatched on the hand. You can see where it is applied and how the wrinkles on my hand are less noticeable on the Miracle Blur part.

Above are swatches of the product, Left side is Miracle Blur with SPF and the right side is Miracle Blur Oil-free.
Just to see the difference I took 2 photos using the SPF Miracle Blur. Pic above is freshly cleaned skin, bare and the pic below is after I've applied SPF Miracle Blur.

I know my skin is totally not in condition to be photographing right now but I really wanted to show the comparisons on the Miracle Blur. You can't really see a difference other than in the second pic my skin looks less glowy and dewy. The foundation that I applied afterwards blended pretty well and the pigmentation of my foundation was pretty strong. In my opinion the face looks more matte and less dewy, that natural glow your face has after washing is taken away Miracle Blur. Not a bad thing at all just FYI.

In a nutshell, if you like skin primers before foundation I would give this a try. If you have subtle lines and wrinkles or pores that you would like to diminish for a period of time then I would absolutely give this a try. In my book it does its job and is a creative and innovative product.
Products in this article provided to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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