Jan 29, 2009

My thoughts on eye and face primers!

In my opinion
Eyelid E/S Bases, Primers

Ever since the first yt video that I saw I've been embracing my weird shaped bottle of UDPP. The texture is creamy yet light and the cool thing about it is that it keeps your e/s looking fresh and vibrant, not to mention is steers the creasing away. Other than sticking to just this one, I decided to venture off to try to find another that was just as good. The Too Faced shadow insurance seemed to do just as good as a job. MAC eyelid primer was a good one as well. Yah, those are great, considering the price:

Too Faced shadow insurance $17

MAC primer $16

UDPP $17

What I'm getting at here is that bases work wonders but is it nessesary to spend all that money? Some might say 'YES!' because price comes with quality. So, Yay to 'Too Faced', 'MAC', and 'UDPP' for designing such wonderful products.
Now I turn to the drugstore world.
Hey they deserve recognition for their products too! Let me introduce you to Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy Eye Primer.(right below the UDPP)


Sally Hansen Eyelid Primer

This e/s base is creamy, light, and is a perfect dupe for UDPP. Hey it even smells just like UDPP. The texture is exactly the same as the UDPP, and it is just awesome. I got this one for $8 at CVS. Try it because you wont be disappointed. My long time passion is for finding makeup or exact dupes of the expensive stuff. So check it out, you can visit the Sally Hansen website or visit a local store that carries it.

Face Foundation Primers

The good thing about face primer is that they are mostly clear gel-like lotions that prime the face before you apply foundie. After applying, wait to dry and apply foundation. The result, your face is this smooth canvas for foundation, it looks smooth and the makeup is not soaked into your pores, so the color payoff is great, the color stays true and lasts all day. MAC offers a primer but after much research have found that people don't like it.
At first I thought that just regular face moisturizer could do the trick, but after trying a few primers, I think I finally found one that I just can't live without....

LORAC aquaPrime Makeup Primer

Love this stuff! What I like about making this primer search so easy was that the wonderful staff at Sephora was nice enough to put in their 2 about which primers were good and which were bad. All in all, they suggested a few but raved over this one, and it won my heart <3

To check out all the face primers that Sephora offers click here

I hope everyone is having a great day, weekend is coming up, yay!

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