Feb 22, 2009

CCO Haul

I can find so many discontinued or limited items there it's crazy! They have a variety of Estee Lauder, Clinique and MAC items. Everytime I go I just go nuts in there because I literally want everything that MAC has to offer!
Here is what I got:The MAC nail polishes (at bottom left) are sweet! blue one is called Plasma blu and yellow one is called Phosphor. I was soooo happy to get a hold of them!

Check out that blue lipstick! It's crazy! The blue one is called Blast o'blue and the pink one is LUV <3!!>
Fafi Eyes Quads
I finally got a hold of these, Debating whether to buy these from ebay, but I'm glad I didn't since they were at the CCO I paid discount for them. I had a really hard time deciding which one to get so, instead I just bought them both :P
Starting left: Bold as gold, Shockwave, You're fresh, Prankster.............Right:Vanilla, hey, pink venus, howzat
Sweet Sienna, which is a truly different color consisting of Taupe, rose, washed Gold, brown, and grey...Such a gorgeous color!

I stopped by Target on the way home from the CCO because my boys wanted a toy (and from good behavior at Chili's for lunch they deserved it) I saw this lipgloss from the Napoleon Perdis set collection and just had to have it. It is called Island and judging from the color it is a pale gold, frosty, shimmery and glossy with a tiny hint of rose...So pretty!
Lipgloss in the middle of the pic is a MAC Heatherette collection lipglass (which probably most of you know of) called Sockhop. Very lovely :) The purple-lish one is a plushglass called Foolishly Fab, which is nice because I could apply it as a topcoat for any light pink lipstick and it looks pretty!

Beauty powder
Fafi collection, this one is called Belightful. To me strongly resembles it's twin from the collection called Verve-acious.
left to right: Alexander Mcqueen collection e/s Nile, which is a satin, Mineralized e/s Sea & sky, and Neo Sci-fi collection e/s Magnetic fields
Left: Emote, which from what I heard is a great contouring blush. Mineralized blush Love Thing.....
What a day it has been! I also did a little damage at my local Saks by buying a few CHANEL glossimer lipglosses, but the colors were too pale for me so I will be returning them on Wednesday and as soon as I get the correct ones I will be posting pics!
'till then, have a great one lovelies!


  1. I wished there was a CCO where i lived!
    enjoy your goodies!

  2. wow.. so many nice cosmetics.