Jan 25, 2013

Brown Eyeliner Comparisons

To settle the dispute going on in my vanity I decided to compare a few brown eyeliners that seem identical when sitting next to each other...but upon further testing and research I've found that each eyeliner is different in it's own way. Using brown eyeliner for me is a nice escape from the sometimes harsh black eyeliner. My first brown eyeliner pencil was Bourbon and I was in love, the way it defines and those cute tiny sparkles that Urban Decay loves to add to their products. Thinking this brown was the ultimate color I used it all the time. Without much thought I decided to try MAC's Teddy and found it to be almost identical to Bourbon. While Bourbon is a nice dark chocolate frosted brown, Teddy was just like it except without the tiny sparkles.

Here is my take on each color:

Teddy (MAC) is a dark bronze, it has a slight rusty orangey tint to its frost, at first glance it is a frosty brown but when swatching or on my eyes the bronze is dominant. It has no sparkles like Bourbon has.

Bourbon (Urban Decay) is a dark brown with very tiny silver and bronze sparkles, it is more darker than the teddy and they are obviously 2 different colors.

Corrupt (Urban Decay) is darker than the both and is my favorite from all of them. A darkened black/brown with what it looks like is tiny silver sparkles. I love Corrupt because it is dark enough to add definition without too much of the shimmer showing through yet it is light enough to tell it is a dark brown. Corrupt is so unique I may even say there's a tiny tint of pewter in it.

Whiskey (Urban Decay) is a dark chocolate matte brown.

Urban Decay currently has another brownish eyeliner in it's Smoked set called Demolition...I have not been able to locate this set, everywhere I go it is sold out!

Corrupt (Urban Decay)


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  1. I have all 3 UD eye liners. I think I'll do without MAC Teddy. But then...You can never have too many eye liners!