Jan 7, 2013

Fergie Collection for Wet n Wild

The Fergie collection by Wet N Wild hit my store as early as December 26th. What I love about the collection is that there is a little something for everyone...lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner, shimmering face powders, and nail polishes. The packaging is cute, polished, and hip....but it's Fergie so of course it is!

There are plenty of colors! I would list them except no info is available on Wet n Wild's website as of today. The eyeshadow palettes seem promising but I was not ready to buy just yet so my eye wandered to the lipsticks. I happen to fancy light pinks or raspberry colors, so for starts I got V.I.Pink and Penthouse Sweet.

V.I.Pink (below) A light pink with a hint of sheen

Penthouse Sweet (below) A darkened hot pink - the color is saturated, it's gorgeous

Swatches of the 2 on my hand - V.I.Pink and Penthouse Sweet
Honestly, these lipsticks are creamier than the very popular Mega Last lip color lipsticks. I own 12 of the Mega Last lip colors, and while they don't disappoint I really love the texture and feel of the Fergie lipsticks. There is a small size difference, Mega Last size is .11oz or 3.3 grams while Fergie lipsticks are .10oz or 2.5 grams....and depending where you buy them, Fergie lipsticks cost more than the Mega Last, but ever so slightly.

Fergie pic credit: Wet n Wild beauty


  1. Wow that collection looks super promising! hot pink lips are always so youthful looking

  2. Did you get the fergie line at walgreens or your grocery store?

    1. Walgreens, because my grocery store tends to take forever to bring in the new stuff!