Jan 5, 2013

Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid lip color

Wet n Wild has really proven to us that they can make great products at great (and I do mean awesome) prices...but the new Megalast liquid lip colors are some that I wished WnW would have taken a little bit more time to perfect. If I may say not all of WnW lip products are gems, taking into consideration that they are lower in price than Covergirl and even Milani, so I'm not too surprised that these didn't work out all too well. BUT, its ok, they were worth the try, and I'm keeping these just to see how else I can work with them because the colors are indeed cute!
Colors I have:
Pocketful of Roses - Muted rosy pink
Click on my Hyperpink - Bright Barbie doll pink, almost neon (think Nicki Minaj)
Back to the Fuchsia - Medium Raspberry hot pink
0.23 fl oz. Retail $2 and up
I have seen the entire collection, while I only have 3 the collection offers almost everything from nudes to dark reds.
First impressions:
These were dry to the touch - after drying. When you first apply them they apply wet (smooth and creamy), then after about 60 seconds they dry to a matte finish, almost as if they were acrylic paint. Lips are dry and rough to the touch, with or without lipbalm applied previously. My second time applying I had to keep my mouth open to avoid lips touching so it would dry evenly. I had to apply lower lip first then upper lip without rubbing them together.
The lip color has almost no scent to it, but you can smell a faint plastic scent, but it is not bothersome to me.
 Pocketful of Roses on the lips after drying
Pocketful of Roses with gloss on top

When trying on Click on my Hyperpink, I ran into a few problems. Color would not apply evenly so a second coat was necessary for it to look opague without spots. This bottom pic is after I finally got it to look even. This took a while to achieve.
Lip color will peel off a bit if you rub lips together after drying, which looks like the bottom pic. I also experienced the wet lip color transferring to my teeth during application :)
Using Megalast Liquid lipcolor was not any different when used with balm, clear lipgloss or lip protectant. Trying out Back to the Fuchsia proved just that. I applied Carmex before applying. Color applied a little more evenly but after color dried lips felt dry and rough. I applied Sephora Glossy Gloss over top of it. Putting on gloss over something really dry is a little odd. It felt like I was applying lipgloss over texture paper.
When I wore all colors my lips felt slightly dry but not sticky or tacky. When wearing the lipcolor with the gloss, my lips felt heavy. Probably the color that gave me least problems was Back to the Fuchsia....It applies evenly and dries up but to avoid it flaking off I applied the clear gloss, it was wearable but a little uncomfortable.
Back to the Fuchsia after drying  

Back to the Fuchsia after drying with Sephora clear Glossy gloss on top

WnW Megalast liquid lip color in Pocketful of Roses is pretty good at not transferring, on the bottom pic I kissed my hand after a few minutes of wear. The only ones that transferred a little bit were Click on my hyperpink and Back to the Fuchsia, keep in mind I had gloss on with both. Transferring was little to none when wearing without the gloss
Here are swatches on the hand, first pic taken while lip colors are wet and bottom pic is after drying

My honest opinion? Lasting quality of the lip color was good. In the 8 hours of wear, my lips felt dry....I ate and drank water wearing only Pocketful of Roses, color had a bit of wear and unevenness but was still visible.  



  1. click on my hyperpink is such a pretty color! too bad it doesnt work so well. i look at it every time i am at the store :)


    1. It's an attention getter but too bad it's horrible - I would really like it if WnW changed up the formula that would be great! Maybe even add more colors :)