May 4, 2009

Makeup Bag essentials, for my purse!

You know what's funny, I have 2 makeup bags in my purse, lol... yes, one has all the lippies and the other has the rest of the stuff! Those 2 pink bags behind the vaseline and clinique lotion. I usually don't carry alot of things with me since I feel better making up my face before I leave the house and never again until I come home. But once in a while I do need a major touch-up :) 1. Deodorant, I have to have this with me at all times, call me silly or gross or whatever but I have walked out of the house on 2 occasions totally forgetting to apply deodorant :P

2. Perfume, This is just in case I'm somewhere important like at a wedding or funeral, or family gathering and I've forgotten perfume, thankfully I have this one with me at all times.

3. Vaseline, special thanks to Nessa and her beautiful blog, from whom I got the idea. Vaseline has alot of uses. I use it for moisturizing my hands or elbows, lips, eye primer, hair shine, hair ends conditioner, etc.

4. Lotion for the face w/ SPF (Clinique dramatically dif. moisturizing lotion mixed with Olay face cream SPF30.) I like the lightness of Clinique dif. mois. lotion but I also like the SPF in Olay face cream, so I just mixed the 2 together, lol. I carry it with me because sometimes I'm such in a hurry in the morning that I forget to apply spf at home.

5. MAC blotting powder. This powder is only good for blotting and that's it. It does a great job too!

6. Clinique lipstick. Just because it suites my skintone good and is a creamy maroon pink color that is why I carry it with me : )

7. Nail file. For some odd reason I'll end up at work or somewhere with a broken nail that's jagged or a nail that looked like it was clipped half way. haha

8. Burt's Bees tinted lip balm. It's a very sheer color and is just a good balm to have. Smells minty like toothpaste

9. Yes to carrots lip balm. A great organic lip balm, I can never have too many lip conditioners :D Read my post about Yes to Carrots lip products here

10. Hair bands. I am in healthcare so one of the major do's is keeping your hair up and away from your face and neck. I just need one in my bag in case the one in my hair breaks!

11. Nude lipcolor (MAC slimshine). I like to carry any pretty nude lipstick in my purse, this slimshine just happens to be in my purse at the time. This one is in Bare. One of the prettiest nude lipsticks ever. It's sheer, nude, shiny and very comforting. Other ones that are good are MAC Plink, Clinique Tenderheart, MAC Viva glam II.

12. Milani eyeliner. I need a dark pigmented eyeliner to carry with me at all times just in case I ever forget liner for my eyes. This eyeliner is really nice because it doesn't budge and is really dark and pigmented.

13. Shaver. For my eyebrows only. Yes, I do shave my eyebrows only on occasion when I have no time to pluck, and lately it's been a trend!

14. Nail Clippers. For those times like on No. 7 lol

15. Sally Hansen lip plumper. I love using this lipgloss. I wanted to try out and test a whole bunch of different plumpers but this one seems to work for me. The colors are nice too. and the tingling is very subtle.

16. NYX lip pencil. Slim lip pencils by NYX are amazing. They last and last. And they are cheap too, just 1.99. I try to use all my lip liners, they help make your lipstick or gloss last longer.

17. Milani lipgloss in Dressed up. I try to carry a red sheer lipgloss with me at all times just in case my friends invite me to the movies, dinner or bar. I like to wear red lipstick or gloss for night time events, etc.

18. Beauty Rush VS lipgloss. I love these, I have about 20 and I love them all. I try to switch out the colors often.

19. MAC lip conditioner in Pink Fish. For sure I always must have a nice pink lipcolor, and to me Pink Fish is the best creamy and sheer light pink shade ever. I have 2, one for home and one for my purse

20. Moist towelette. I need to have some sort of napkin or paper towel in my purse & I don't like to carry tissues in my purse at all so I bring one just in case I ever need one.


  1. Lady, you have the ultimate make-up bag! Mine could use some help. I've got a nail file, gloss and a mirror. Ha!!

  2. to 'B', I love putting together makeup bags for my purse, I want to add more too!

  3. I tagged u check out my blog!!