May 1, 2009

Cosmedicine Honest Face tinted moisturizer

For some odd reason I just felt like putting on some face lotion today, fluttering on black mascara, and smoothing on some bare lipgloss. Maybe it was due to the fact that we had no patients today and today being the most relaxing day of the week. I am in a great mood today, I don't want to spend it worrying about my makeup, I just wanted to be comfortable and natural! So, a few days ago I went shopping for a really good tinted moisturizer, a fan of those that have great skin and want just bare or sheer coverage. I might be a fan of tinted moisturizer if only my face could stay break-out free for just one minute, but as always my face is up against tiny pimples, post-scarring, mild redness, and discoloration. Tinted moisturizer for me is not friend material, not even is moisturizer because of my oily t-zone skin, But I wanted to try it out for those natural look days, much like today was.

Here I have Cosmedicine's Honest face. I read alot of good reviews on it, the tint matched my skin perfectly and I'm giving it a try today. So far so good. A review on this should be up and coming a few days. [Buy here!] I'm loving it because it has tint, SPF, moisturizer, and Dimethicone all in one. Which would be a perfect face primer for foundation (I'll need to test this out tonight before I put on my makeup for dinner tonight). It feels wonderful and gives your skin this glow. Skin is very supple and moist and best of all it doesn't burn or feel heavy. It also contains antioxidants for that special treatment and it's great for sensitive skin.

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