May 19, 2009

Journal Entry

  • I'm sick again, unfortunately....but to me that's good news because no work! Anyways. I woke up Sat. with a huge sore throat and my voice nearly gone, (right now I sound like a girl with strep throat that chained smoked for years, haha) No offense to those that smoke, my hubby smokes so I know all about it :) Anyways, I decided that I would take the day off on Monday to see if it would subdue but I woke up today a little bit worse. I called in, went to the doctor's office, and came out with 2 prescriptions and a 'bed rest for 2 days' note!
  • My look for today! I'm really loving this blush I got from Biglots called Revlon Lovestruck, Limited edition.... and if you are familiar with it, it's the one in the black and clear compact and the actual blush has heart shapes on it, soooo cute. It was only $2 and I'm in love....Maybe I'll go and get more :) Eyes- MAC Artifact Paintpot, NYX slim liner Seafoam green, Revlon Lovestruck blush, Lips- MAC She loves Candy lipglass
  • Now onto the nails, I was feeling a bit silly last night, I wanted a fun nail to wear thru-out the day so i ended up making them like this...
    haha, to me they remind me of easter eggs :) Basically I applied a pastel pink cream on the entire nail bed, I applied polka dots from various other colors I had like China Glaze Spontaneous, MAC Phosphor, and China Glaze For Audrey. I thought it came out cute. I'm thinking about doing them again tonight, maybe Skittles inspired this time?
  • I have a few pics, FOTD's and EOTD's to show ya but I'm having huge trouble with my computer and pics folder. For some reason it is running really slow and I'm also having trouble transporting pics from my camera to the computer, soooo As soon as I get a scan going to try and see if I have infections I will post them quickly. I can't live without my computer :(
  • Everyone have a great week and I'll talk to you later!

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  1. I hope u feel better girly!!! I love ur fotd!! by the way u look beautiful!!