May 15, 2009

Revlon, Milani, NYC preview

New Revlon Shades

in the Super Lustrous Lipstick

-Luminous pink

-Sparkling cider

-Blushing nude

-Spicy cinnamon

-Satin plum

-Sultry sable

in the Super Lustrous Lipgloss



in the Nail Enamel

-Opulent pink

-Crushed crimson

-Bewitching bordeaux

-Steel her heart

and a new 12 hr eyeshadow quad...

-Azure mist

New Milani Pretty Pair lipstick & gloss

-Two perfect

-Two pretty

-Two cute

-Two good to be true

-Two beautiful

-Two to tango

-Two hot to handle

-Two sweet


Pink Persuasion Collection

which unfortunately doesn't list names of the colors :(

This collection consists of....

Lush Blush mosiac blush's

Just Duet, eyeshadow duo's

Delicious kisses lipglosses

New York Minute nail enamel's

Super Smooth long wear lipcolor

and Covergirl News

$2 off any lip product coupon in Sunday's paper!

Also, if you are a chocolate-holic or just love chocolate treats go to
to get your coupon for free chocolate. Only good on Friday's. You get the coupon in the mail in about 6 weeks. Remember, Friday's only : )
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. wow i wanna try out those nyc blushes!

  2. thanx for the info hun!!

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