Apr 29, 2009

Izzy's Makeup shop info

Recently came across a website called Izzy's, and I was so incredibly happy because it is safe and they take paypal! I must say, they have a nice selection of

Men & Women Fragrance
Gift Sets

Name brand stuff at affordable prices. Izzy's offer you the same products for alot less because they are the tester versions *that haven't been used or tested obviously :) * This is great because I'm always loving to check out makeup stuff like at Saks and Nordstrom, usually stuff that is way overpriced, but here you can enjoy the tester version just as well.

The product comes to you new and for the products that don't have covers or caps, they just use a generic plastic cover. Pretty neat, and some of the prices don't seem too affordable probably because the tester version looks alot like the regular version, which I don't seem to mind....as long as it is discounted I'll buy it!

I'm putting the link here.

My Wishlist for Izzy's:

Bobbi Brown Bronze shimmer brick $34.20

Chanel eyeshadows, Jungle, Coconut, Nocturne, Apricot $14.25

Chanel e/s Duo stardust $24

Chanel lipsticks, Russet moon, Orient, Tender $13.50

YSL lipsticks, Red star, nude beige $15.00

and some more stuff but I can't decide just yet because I want everything! lol

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