Apr 17, 2009

CCO Haul

Just a mini-one...I had this urge to go to the CCO last weekend and picked up a few things. I was really excited to see the MAC Shadowy lady quad because I had missed out on it when it came out in the collection. So I got that, let me tell you, that quad is so versatile. I'm thinking about going back and buying a few more just to sell them or something.... Really nice colors...I also got 2 brushes, the MAC 129sh, which ended up being a short version of the 129 and it came with this cute little Fafi makeup bag, so nice. And I also got a blending brush #224. I've realized that I could have gotten it at any MAC counter but at the CCO they are much cheaper, I think I paid $19 for it. I also picked up 'Bare' Slimshine because I heard many good things about this lippie. I actually love this color because it isn't too strong, it isn't too bare, it's just right. The perfect nude color. And last but not least, got 2 eyeshadows in Cool Heat and Gulf Stream, 2 beautiful colors that were limited and came out with some sort of collection a while back, and that's it, I'm very happy with my purchases! :D The Urban Decay discount sale they had recently turned out pretty well. I wanted to buy the 24/7 eyeliners but I already had the neutral colors in the travel pack and the only colors I like from the bright color travel pack was the blue, so I'm thinking about just buying that separate some other day. Anyways, from the sale I picked up 3 eyeshadows that are very unique since I don't really have any eyeshadows that match these. But I happened to notice that the eyeshadow Lounge is just like the MAC eyeshadow Club, very nice and the other 2 colors are just gorgeous. Vert being a like a blackened green, but not a pine green more of an apple green with black pearl and Strip is a nice silvery blue jean color, which works perfectly on my skin-tone since my tan is slowly coming back, it's creeping up on me! lol, sooner or later I'll have to switch back over to my MAC NC42 :D I also ended up buying the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Deluxe box, which is oh so nice! I've seen numerous youtube guru's rocking this palette and I've always eyed this palette many times when in Sephora and just never bought it, So I'm really glad I did. Check out Aubrey's youtube tutorial using the UD deluxe here. Comes out beautiful! Also with my UD purchase they gave me a free lippie which is a nice sheer color called Sellout. It's so cute!! I swear it's the same size as of half my pinky :)

...And I've been hauling Milani eyeshadows lately. I recently added more of the Runway eyes to my collection which I love. I already had Silver Charm and Carribbean Blue. I think I'm stil missing like 3 more colors, so I'll have to shop around for those as soon as I can!

Enjoy the pics and talk to you all soon!

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