Apr 17, 2009

Journal Entry

  • I don't remember which post it was but I recently said that lately I've been loving cheap drugstore products like foundations, lippies and eyeshadows. Right now I'm loving my Revlon Colorstay foundie which happens to be amazing because it controls the oil in my t-zone, which I love. I've been wearing it since 7 this morning and I've only had to powder my nose once. That's good for my average of blotting in a day is anywhere from 4 times to 6 times. My MAC studio fix fluid doesn't even do that for me, just goes to show that some drugstore brands are better than high-end makeup! What I also love about Maybelline is that they came out with a new formula some time ago for some of their eyeshadows, which is nice because if you've ever tried some of the drugstore shadows most of them don't really have much pigmentation. So these shadows have plenty of pigmentation, and i'm thinking about collecting all of them because they are so pretty! I just wish Milani would bring back the regular single shadows because lately I've been shopping around for those and they seemed to have disappeared....? discontinued perhaps? I'm not sure but those had good potential, and pretty colors.

  • Does anyone have any good suggestions for drugstore mascara? For some reason all the mascaras that I've bought from Covergirl tend to dry out pretty fast and that makes me upset. I mean, I bought the lashblast back in November and by January it was dry and flaky, ew, not good. I've been using the Pro mascara and that dried up as well. I'm walking around my work with tiny little black flakes on my face because it is drying up so bad : ( Anyways, I'm outta options and looking for a good mascara. Maybelline's mascara, to me, tends to be more on the soft side, the Define-a-Lash that I had once was black but looked more of a grey... pigment in the mascara needs improvement. Forget about the new Lash stiletto, when I first bought it I was excited, after opening it I was so taken aback by the smell, it is almost sickening: it's strong. So if you have a sensitive nose and hate for your makeup to smell plasticky & toxic, then don't get Lash Stiletto. I once invested in the MAC Zoomlash because I had used it once before and liked it but for some reason this time, the mascara was way too hard. and it never really volumized them. They felt and looked like sharp needles poking out , totally weird, so off I went to return it. So yeah, mascara shopping is difficult to me sometimes because you never know what it'll do until the end of the day, whether it runs, smears, flakes, dries out, etc. And it doesn't help that my lashes are short and scantilly.
  • What is up with my new lipgloss from MAC from the Hello Kitty Collection, She loves Candy? Lately I've been wearing it and once again smelling that plastic and toxic smell. I know it has to be that because if I wear a lipstick that has a distinct smell like I can always smell the vanilla that MAC is notorious for having in the lipsticks, but for some odd reason this lipglass doesn't smell not even near vanilla :/ I opened it just a few min. ago to smell it and yup, it has that plastickie and toxic smell. weird. I'm thinking about just taking it back to the storeand exchanging for a new dazzleglass or something : )
Everyone have a good day and i'll talk to you all later!

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