Apr 8, 2009

Dazzleglasses by MAC info

18 gorgeous shades to choose from. These will be available April 30, 2009
I love Dazzleglasses. It's really the only lipgloss that looks amazing because of those fine glittery sparkles. The light just hits them perfectly! I've been fortunate enough to own 3 of them. My favorite of them all is Miss Dynamite...Love!

Here is the list:

Goldyrocks - Sheer soft yellow with pink and gold pearl (LE)
Smile - Light coral with pink and gold pearl
Extra Amps - Sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl
Moth to a Flame - Sheer neutral beige with violet pearl
Girl's Delight - Sheer mid-tone tan with gold pearl
Sugarrimmed - Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl
Steppin’ Out - Clean yellow pink with red pearl
Utterly Posh - Mid-tone orange with pink and gold pearl (LE)
Love Alert - Raspberry red with red pearl
Date Night - Deep plum with blue and gold pearl
Funtabulous - Purple with violet pearl
Like Venus - Clean light bubble gum pink with red pearl
Stop! Look! - Sheer violet mauve with blue and pink pearl (LE) - not pictured : (
Money Honey - Mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl
Rags to Riches - Plummy pink with teal and red pearl
Baby Sparks - Pale pink with violet pearl
Bare Necessity - Caramel apricot with red and gold pearl
Get Rich Quick - Warm yellow brown

pictured left to right- Sugarrimmed, Goldyrocks, Moth to Flame, Smile, Utterly Posh, Funtabulous, Extra Amps, Rags to Riches, Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity

pic credit to abbyquack, specktra.net.

Steppin' Out
pic credit to luhly4, specktra.net.

Love Alert
pic credit to schokoaddict, specktra.net.

Like Venus
pic credit to capmorlovesmac, specktra.net
Girl's Delight
pic credit to coachkitten, specktra.net

top & middle-Money Honey & Date Night
pic credit to haru5, specktra.net

Get rich Quick
pic credit to clumpsofmascara.com

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