Apr 13, 2009

Journal Entry

  • I'm in trouble, what am I going to do? I have so many lippies that I'm thinking about returning some to the store, if that is possible. I might have to go in my desk and pull out receipts and match up and go running around all over the city to return them! yikes, why did I have to be such a lipstick-oholic
  • Did anyone happen to grab any of the new MAC Dazzleglasses? For some odd reason youtube guru's and other fellow beauty bloggers were raving about their own purchases from last week when I thought they weren't suppose to debut until the 30th? Hey, where was my memo? I hate being left out...come to find out it was an early release but was quickly taken away just for it to debut again on the 30th...MAC, you are so weird.
  • Me and my husband have decided to try for baby #3. I'm super excited :) But instead of tips on preventing pregnancy I'm trying to GET tips on getting preggers. haha I just think it is funny. I'm hoping for a boy, but in my heart somewhere I want a baby girl :)
  • I'm taking another break from school....*gasp!* I've been going strong since '07. I know it seems weird but lately I've been getting out of work extremely dizzy with headaches that all I want to do is get home and lie down. This happened to me last year and I ended up taking a 2 month break from school. well it happened again, I ended up missing 2 weeks of school, not good, especially since we always have assignments due each week. So for the past 2 months I've been coming home sick and not being physically able to do homework, tests, seminars, etc. But this break should be good, I'm returning in August, hopefully by that time I've figured out what is wrong with me : )
  • That is it guys, stay tuned for more randomness next week, I'm off to work and possibly check out cosmetics stuff online.

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