Feb 27, 2010

February 2010 Haul

I've been very nail polish oriented this month, lol...I've managed to keep the makeup buying to a minimum but didn't help me out much with balance because I ended up buying nail polish, haha! There has been a few returns and one regret....I bought a nail polish set from Cherry Culture but was super disappointed so I did not include in this photo...Overall, I'm really happy with my purchases!

The Orly green NP is called Wandering Vine, which is a green creme, extremely pigmented and easy to work with-I love it! I picked up that one at my local grocery store. The other Orly (purple) is called Charged up...a slightly jelly like purple, which is totally opaque in 2 coats, love this one too.

Nina pro nail polish and the red CG is from Sally's. Nina pro one is called Cherri Berri-a jelly-like red with a hint of raspberry but is really good in 2 coats....CG one is called Go Crazy Red which is a true red polish with tiny gold frost....

As I previously mentioned, I bought a few things from Cherry Culture from their 20% off sale the other day and I decided to try out some NYX round lipsticks and got Paris, Thalia, Orange Soda, and Gem...well, I love Paris, Gem and Orange Soda, but not sure what all the hype was about Thalia, which was not a good color, it was severely gray and purple-like, I may just toss it out...

I found a pretty limited edition polish from Maybelline called Pie in the Sky, such a pretty color! I've tried matching it to other colors in the NP world, the only color that comes close is Orly, Cashmere Cardigan, it's not exactly right on but it's quite close...

At Walgreens I got a few more Sinful's: All Mighty, Innocent, See you soon, Let's talk, and Green Ocean.
The 2 Sally Hansen Xtreme wears I got at CVS, Flirt and Blue me away!

The Revlon quads I got at my local grocery store were about $2.40 each, I got them with a 3 or 4 dollar off coupon which I was really excited about...the colors are Copper Spice and Neutral Khakis.

I do love my Beauty Rush lipglosses which I couldn't help but pick up more on a recent trip to the mall....so I got Orange you Glad, Mocktail hour, Red delicious, Bananas, and Taffy go lucky...I must admit that the Pink and Coral looking one remind me so much of the MAC lip gelee glosses that came out with the Lillyland collection.
NYX eyeliner is in Sapphire which I got from a local clothing store....

and last but not least is my Viva Glam haul....Gaga and Cyndi (not pictured) and I also got a backup of Gaga!


  1. Nice haul :)


  2. Wow that is some haul. Nice picks!

  3. Nice haul! I've been meaning to go to a drug store to pick up some of those new Maybelline polishes. I loooooved Beauty Rush lipglosses.

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  5. Nice haul! I love NYX round lipsticks. I think they are the best choice because of their quality and prize. They are so creamy and pigmented...

  6. Rai: I'm loving that color, it's a creamy blue one :)

    charmed-chick: thanks!

    Jen: thanks, I'll check it out!

    Gabriela: I know! I'm loving the orange soda one :)